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Taxidermy insurance

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by davehyer, Dec 14, 2015.

  1. Dave. I use Miller insurance Co in Lancaster Ohio. Look them up.
    Mark Maier
  2. Looks like the insurance industry needs to be educated and updated on the taxidermy business.
    Who uses volatile chemicals.

  3. woakley144

    woakley144 Active Member

    Still waiting on the Hartford agent to call me bac too!!! My business in not that big..... yet but I would like to have the insurance on my building and tools.... customer stuff too I guess....LOL but we live in North Central Texas... lots of Hail and wind in the spring. I worry about water damage to the mount in my shop room due to roof leaks....
  4. Wingnut

    Wingnut Member

    Here, are my thoughts on this subject, and most of these ideas come from years of being in this industry, and running into several Natural Disasters, that, without insurance, could really have been far more devastating to me and my "bottom line" within the studio! First, anyone providing a taxidermy service for money, to the general public, should have a good, basic, insurance policy for their shops, be it a garage, a small studio, or a large business corporation. Simple, do it! Just a policy to cover minimal damage or loss, fire, theft and flood, when needed. You just don't know when a client will trip on a cluttered floor, and fall onto a Gemsbok horn, and want medical payments covered. You also don't know when a hurricane or tornado will rip your roof from your owned or rented building, and you don't know when your buddy is going to walk into your work area with a new Monte Cristo cigar, and you've just pulled out two turkey skins from the gas tank! It happens every day, your fault or not, care given or totally lax, it is going to happen to someone, someday! Now, keep in mind, general coverage should include your building, your tools, freezers, supplies, and your personal trophy mounts. Not a "rider' policy on each and every mount, and YES, you can do that, for total cost of hunt, supplies, materials, etc. if, you can afford it, but a general "run of the mill" policy, that you and your insurance agent sit down and figure that you can afford, and what that money covers, easy, do it! Now, when we discuss insurance, you must understand what is being offered, and what is being paid for...so, I think all of us need to be friends, with, become friends with, get to know VERY well, our Doctors and our Insurance Agents! I mean this, when a fire takes out your business, or snow crushes the roof and collapses, or a flood washes out the lower two feet of your entire building, do you want to KNOW the guy or gal your calling for help? Or do you want to speak with a general agent that sold you something, and now, doesn't remember you? If the agent your attempting to purchase insurance from, says he can't sell you insurance because you have "chemicals", then, how the heck does he insure Dupont Chemical, or Exxon Corporation? Of course the insurance is available, you just should get to know an agent, and work with them. Trust me, when poopie hits the fan and you need help, the last thing you want to hear over the phone is "Now, who is this?" I work with State Farm, they have insured my studio for over thirty years, and I feel they have handled me well. But, I take my agent to lunch, or a hunting trip, and vice-versa, and we have become good friends, when I call, he listens! Now, one more thing, you can insure ANYTHING you would like, it just might be very, very expensive and not worth the effort. You can purchase a "rider" policy, which is an additional policy for a specific loss, at any time, but, it will be expensive. And, general insurance, say, on your studio mounts, generally, WILL NOT pay for the cost of the hunt, just replacement of cape, horns, manikin, etc. And, just for your information, your clients mounts are generally protected, within your studio, by THIER homeowners insurance, as most homeowner's insurance covers twenty percent of owned items NOT within their possession, like his guns or fishing rods stolen from his truck! Call your homeowner insurance guy or gal, they can help, explain THOROUGHLY your needs, and get some inexpensive, simple, general coverage for your business! And, good luck!
  5. I've had Erie insurance through my business as well as everything else , one big package discount, several other taxidermist I know use them too , I've never had any issues with them
  6. JL

    JL Taxidermist for 64 years

    I have a couple of businesses that need insurance coverage and one is my taxidermy business. I have The Hartford insurance for all of it and happy with them. Good luck...JL
  7. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    I am insured with State Auto. It specifically states "property of others while in my possession ". It actually fluctuates to coincide with busy seasons such as deer season. It is a commercial policy. That may be the problem with some of you that you are looking for commercial coverage while being in a residence. You have to pursuit different policies as well. One to cover the structure. One to cover the contents and finally one to cover property of others. It is not cheap to get but I can sure sleep well knowing that I'm covered for the unforeseen!!
  8. davehyer

    davehyer Active Member

    I finally got coverage through Erie. It covers me for 500K liability, my building, tools and I am covered for 150k of other peoples property. Final cost is $1062 per year.

    Thanks for all the help!!