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Rope Burn on cape

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Andrew M, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. I have a deer that I'm mounting for a customer with rope burn around its neck. Even with the hair lying flat it is still noticeable, especially on the white throat patch. Without getting a new cape what can I do to fix this problem, or at least make it less noticeable??
  2. tazzymoto

    tazzymoto Well-Known Member

    Post some pics, maybe someone can help

  3. Trophy Specialist

    Trophy Specialist Well-Known Member

    If the hair is damaged you will need to cut off the damaged area and sew it up then odder a smaller.form if necessary. If that will not be acceptable then a replacement cape is another option. Make it an expensive lesson for him or her.
  4. striker12

    striker12 Member

    You can hide a lot with potassium pigments in the dark hair . The white I use paint.
  5. jason.fairbanks

    jason.fairbanks Member

    Your options are extremely limited. I always try to encourage customers to get another cape because cutting out the damage and sewing may potentially leave you with a odd looking short necked deer. I'm assuming the rope burn damage doesn't lend itself to a straight incision either. About the only exception I make is a kid's first deer if they are going to be devastated they cant use their own cape.
  6. Thanks for the replies! The cape is salted and is stiff as a board. As soon as I get it relaxed for tanning I'll post a pic.
  7. Gary B.

    Gary B. Active Member

    Sometimes after tanning, the damage is not as great as first thought. The skin area under the rope will dry out and cause the hair to look more damaged. Without seeing a photo, I would not evaluate to keep or toss the cape until you have shaved and tanned the skin. Now if you have hair that is broken off and missing, that is another matter- good luck

    Gary B.
  8. Paul B

    Paul B Active Member

    Broken hairs or a group of them in a line will show on the mount, a dark line will be seen as the lighter top of the hair is gone.
  9. That's encouraging that it may be better after tanning. I'll get it tanned, and if it still looks bad I'll post pics back on this thread.

    Thanks again for all your replies!
  10. livbucks

    livbucks Well-Known Member

    Depending on severity you may be able to taxi the skin and compress the area to make it less noticeable, without cutting and sewing. A slightly smaller form will help allow it and babysitting the drying period is needed.
  11. J Cook

    J Cook Cook Taxidermy

    Tell your client to hunt where the guide does not have to tie up his deer. LOL