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Problem with USA Foxx and Fur

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by DPG1876, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. i sent a Bobcat and coyote to be tanned for wall hanging. I have used them once before and was satisfied with the work but took a bit longer than expected. I sent the hides in late October and I was sent an invoice in November 11th. I phoned in my credit card info and was told they would begin tanning. I haven't received them and called to check the status. I was told they shipped in early December. After checking, the hides were sent to my old address. Because my first order took so long I had called and changed my address and received that order to my new home. When I shipped this last order I stapled my business card to the packing list and shipped UPS that had my return address on the label also. I didn't catch it but the invoice was forwarded by the postal service in November. The person that purchased my old home has been unable to be contacted and hasn't returned my attempts to contact them. USA Foxx and Furs feels that it is my responsibility to have changed my address with them. I feel that they failed to verify the ship to by checking my packing slip and return address. Now I'm out my skin, flesh, salt labor of three hours, 100.00 tanning fee, and shipping to them and now replacement hides for my customer. IMO be very cautious using them, they are a very shady unreliable company.
  2. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    Only because I know most of these tanners you're referring to and with all due respect to both parties involved, most companies one would do business with should receive from the patron or client a hand written letter, note, email or some other form of a tangible notice of change of address. The situation you're expressing is hardly a substantial reason to post a complaint about them. My opinion is based upon physically going to several USA / Foxx tanneries and have found nothing but highly controlled standards in every step of the fur dressing process. The workmen are extremely conscientious about their products and would not even attempt to finish tanning a skin unless it's owner was made fully aware of any and all imperfections beforehand. To see tractor trailers unload bales of pelts and skins from single clients would make anyone understand how one bobcat and one coyote might get mixed into a larger batch, yet still be accurately separated to achieve customer satisfaction. Again, it's just my two cents worth.

  3. That's why I use my normal tannery for everything