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is maceration attracting predators a concern?

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by Melody, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. I'm planning on building/setting up a maceration station in the spring.

    I have read about how far to have this from your home/living area so that nostrils are not offended....however, my other concern is if anyone has ever had problems with the macerating process attracting predators.

    I live in a very remote area, on acreage surrounded by crown land and a large provincial park close by. Wolves, Bears, coyotes, fox, cougars, lynx.....you name it ( except raccoons and wolverines) . I'm in their back yard, they are not in mine. Bears can be an issue.

    Has anyone every experienced a problem with predators being attracted? I'm trying to decide proximity re: home, barn, power supply and water.

    Thank you.
  2. joelamping360

    joelamping360 Member

    Anything attracted to rotten meat, I macerate in my garage, so dogs don't get at it

  3. marshtaxi

    marshtaxi Member

    yeah it will bring predators in, maybe you should consider setting up a shed to keep it in. This helps with smell and heating it as well.
  4. I have my shop 100 feet east of the house, since east winds are the least wind here, keeping the smell away. I have been macerating for quite a few years. I am remote but not quite as remote as you. Yes, there are bears, wolves, coyotes etc. around. I have YET to have any encounter with them due to my shop, which kind of surprised me. maybe they realize it is rotten and back off. the neat thing I get are vultures circling overhead and occasional bald eagle looking for scraps. due get a lot of crows checking in.
  5. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Rotten meat odor might be a curiosity and attract them but a lot of critters will stay away because of your presence. I haven't had an issue but if I did I would put up a cheap, chicken wire fence with a hot wire on it. I think that would change the mind attached to any curious sniffing noses.
  6. Thank you very much.

    Human presence and two large dogs usually keep critters away, but a very bold large bear made it onto my porch last summer while the dogs and I were inside, about 10 ft away, and I had a large pack of wolves on and around the property two nights ago...closest one stayed about 40 ft away in the trees even with a couple shot gun blasts in the air ( 1 AM) . (yes, I've had my dogs inside at night now :) until they move on) made me go...hmmmmmmmm. Where am I going to put this thing? lol

    Now planning on remodeling my large unused wired chicken coop located between the house and barn, with a 10 ft buried fence around it. . I'll connect my electric fence for extra deterrent.

    Didn't even think of it until now. Huge learning curve going on for me right now.

    I really appreciate the feedback. Thanks.
  7. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    A friend of mine in Alaska has a wolf pack in the area. When they come to visit, he shoots them with a paintball gun. Hurts when they hit, makes a splat of pretty colors and sometimes he can tell weeks later who he targeted and who he didn't. :)
  8. horsefeathers

    horsefeathers Member

    Paint-balls work pretty good, but the best I've found is they make paint-balls that are laced or filled with capsaicin (Red Pepper Powder). Any bold bear or stray dog gets a snoot-full of one of those and they don't come back!
  9. I certainly have a paint ball gun! up until now only Bears have worn my colors . Its cool here....and apparently cold paintballs are uncomfortable lol

    The wolves, of course, like to show up around midnight, pitch black, and yell all night.

    I think the pepper balls are an amazing idea! Times are changing and I've never had them so close or bold before. I was going to pick up a couple extra flares too...that might spook them -and a neighbor also recommended an air horn on full blast.....but I think they would quickly sort that one out even if it bugged them initially.

    Hopefully they move on and get the hint. No point in shooting blind into the bush in the middle of the night....especially so close to the boat shed :) A boat with holes is not much good ;D
  10. xxohmycaptainxx

    xxohmycaptainxx Member

    Haven't had any issues with anything big, I live in suburban NJ, but I do get regular visits from foxes, and vultures, and occasionally from coyotes, if I macerate anything outside. Went outside last summer to check on a rotting opossum, chose to go with a rot method rather than maceration to see how the skull held up just sort of an experiment, and I was surprised to see a "flock" of about a half dozen vultures just sitting on the ground around the rot box, trying to get inside of it. Kinda terrifying as I turned the corner of my house just to see them there. Probably scared them more than they scared me though lol. They took off pretty fast and didn't come back. I usually leave any extra rotten meat out on a little concrete slab for any animals that want to pick it up. We don't have a lot of coyotes, only a few here and there, so the majority of the meat is taken by the foxes that live down by the river. Don't do it enough for it to cause any issues with them becoming pest animals but it does attract some cool animals. Have even occasionally seen opossums and raccoon snacking on the extra meat I leave out.

    Also managed to attract some owls!! Not sure what it was that drew them in but through listening to their calls I've ID'd a pair of Great Horned Owls outside my house. Hopefully its a breeding pair, are they monogamous?, and they stick around. Not sure how the Red Tailed Hawks that nest here every year are going to feel though. Little side-tracked but short answer, yes. Expect to see more predators and scavengers.
  11. must say...Vultures are very cool lol. They are relatively new to my area... the last 8 years. After some huge wild fires that raged a few hours away. I couldn't figure out what was sitting on my fence posts...with their wings spread and open sunning themselves. 7 of them .....THEY were HUGE!! It would have been crazy coming around a corner and finding them there. I can see them sometimes soaring around certain areas....very distinct pattern on their wing feathers and such a huge wing spread.

    I have a Great Grey nesting close buy...purposely hoots to make my dogs crazy. lol

    Thanks for sharing that! very cool....never seen a possum :) I saw a raccoon once in Burnaby BC.

    I don't dare leave anything for fox...already so many. They do quite well. They like to steal anything I leave about...my own fault. Gloves, toques, dog toys ...whatever is going. I think my dogs have an ongoing tennis match with the fox.....they are so clever ....(the fox I mean)

    I appreciate the feedback about the attraction for animals...thanks. I was originally just going to put mine outside. .....readjusting that idea - but now that it looks like I'm raising Turkeys next year, I may need to construct something....thinking just a fenced enclosure at this point. maybe more later.