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Mckenzie hide paste smell is powerful

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by trappersteph, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. trappersteph

    trappersteph now you can have it...

    Bought some to try, did some fox heads and the smell goes away when dry unless you stick your nose into the face, but did a deer yesterday and the fumes are...! I can't be in the same room with it long or I get dizzy. What's the deal? It's a customer deer, so this smell better dissipate when it's dry. It's the newer kind with the anti bug stuff in it.

    BTW I like the way it glues down.
  2. KevinH

    KevinH Active Member

    The mount medix products do have a strong smell to them. Should go away when it dries I would think, best of luck.

  3. Jon S

    Jon S Well-Known Member

    Oh boy I just ordered some. Hopefully the benefits of the mount medix stuff outweighs the smell. And hopefully it is temporary.
  4. TyW

    TyW Member

    We use all of the Mount Medix products every day in the studio. We do a ton of African and it's as effective as advertised. Bugs are a huge problem here in Texas and we are seeing more and more bugs and larva making their way here from prepped African trophies. After visiting a potential client's beautiful trophy room and discovering a bug infestation.....we wouldn't put together a piece without it!
  5. Beckham

    Beckham Member

    Ive been mounting with that hide paste and enjoy the smell of it. It will eventually go away after it drys. I have had customers say wow not only does my mount look awesome it smells nice too.
  6. Gurneyjockey

    Gurneyjockey Member

    Ive been using it for a couple years now. The smell does go away as it dries, takes a while sometimes. I don't mind the smell and most of my customers don't mind either. I did just recently have a gentleman pick up an antelope and a couple days later he did call me back and ask what the "strong smell" was. He was very happy with the mount but said he ended up putting it in the garage for about two weeks to let the smell dissipate. Back in the house now with no issues
  7. trappersteph

    trappersteph now you can have it...

    Thanks for the replies. I figured it was the bug proofer. I am just worried the customer will smell it and flip. It smells less today since the mount is drying. But I am still worried about it having made me dizzy. Could just be me though, I'm very sensitive to smells.
  8. Swtchmob21

    Swtchmob21 Active Member

    It stinks did a couple life size baboons and a forest hog. That smell went away eventually until I got close And BAM! There it was still lingering on I hate the way it smells but it's just an opinion
  9. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    Mount Medix ..... instant migraine headache for me.

    But then again, working around all these chemicals, for all these years, has made me really sensitive to smells. Everything I buy for personal use, shampoos, detergents, soaps, even household cleaners, candles... etc., are mostly sent free.
  10. Yeah way too much smell for me. Gives me a headache as well dealing with it. I'll stick with the scentless glues myself. I don't normally use the mckenzie paste anyway but needed some quick. Mounted a couple deer with it and I swear it seemed like the scent would never leave!
  11. Dannynewman

    Dannynewman Well-Known Member

    Smell is intense but it does seem to fade away after a few weeks, but you can still smell it if you stick your nose up to it, I kind of like it though
  12. TomR

    TomR New Member

    My wife can't stand the mount medix smell, but I rather enjoy it.