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Common merganser size help &black duck advice needed

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by JerseyJays, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. JerseyJays

    JerseyJays Well-Known Member

    I have a common merganser in the freezer- unskinned.
    I'm ordering from matuska and mckenzie asap.
    They don't have a body labled for common merganser. ..
    Anyone know what size they are or what other body will work just as well? I don't mind altering one a tad, but I want to be close. I found the artificial head at mckenzie..

    Please help so I can place this order without having to thaw and skin to measure..


    Also, I'm buying a hen mallard body for an immature drake black duck.. hope that fits well with a small mallard drake head.. please advise if that is a bad idea...

  2. AubreyW

    AubreyW Active Member

    Not much help but would love to see him once he's finished. They and a red breasted have been on my hit list for years. I have raised them in the past. Very large , long and slender. Kinda unique in the duck world body wise. A large pintail form shaved down some might work. But I'll defer to the pros here.

  3. bucksnort10

    bucksnort10 Well-Known Member


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  4. Jim McNamara

    Jim McNamara Well-Known Member

    If I had to go by the catalog for form sizes I would go nuts. If you can't keep several sizes on hand to get a good fit you might invest the time in learning how to wrap. It's quick and always fits. Just a suggestion. I keep 75-100 bodies in inventory so no need to guess , just take the Body out and pick one that matches or is a bit smaller.
  5. JerseyJays

    JerseyJays Well-Known Member

    Thanks fellas! I searched "common merganser" and it didn't show up.
  6. ryan rhodes

    ryan rhodes Well-Known Member

    I believe a hen mallard body would be too small for a black duck in my opinion.., they are drake mallard sized, if not larger in my experience...
  7. Onthewater

    Onthewater Member

    I checked my notes and I only have a couple sets of measurements for a drake common merganser and the body length from the front of the breast to the base of the tail range from 8 7/8-9 1/2. The circumference around the breast ranged from 11 1/8-12 1/8.

    I don't have any measurements for an immature drake Black duck but the measurements I have for adult drake Black ducks are about 7 5/8- 7 3/4 long and circumference is about 11 1/8.

    Hope that helps.

    TIM SCHLOSS Member

    Research mannikins sells one. But as been stated a few times it may not be perfect for the bird you have. With any commercial form you may have to alter it. But if you have the real body in front of you that is no problem. Start making tracings of the birds you do for later reference.
  9. JerseyJays

    JerseyJays Well-Known Member

    Thanks fellas. Just what I was looking for!