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Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by pinklestein, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. pinklestein

    pinklestein New Member

    As you will notice this is my 1st post, however I have read and watched everyone's posts and particulary answers given. I tend to stay away from forums for argument sake. With that said I will subject myself for my question. I am 58 years old, been a professional taxidermist for almost 30 years, schooled at Matuska Taxidermy in 86. I was fulltime in Minnesota for 10 years, before I made my way to SW Iowa, where I started another business, but have remained very active in taxidermy, I am at a point in my life where I am ready to leave my other profession. I migrated to only gameheads and lifesize work when I built my other business. Now you wonder where I'm going with this, are there taxidermists out there today looking for an experienced taxi to sub out from time to time, that wouldn't requiring moving? I really don't want a commercial shop again with the public, I am burned out with the public bull$hit. I have mounted many world class animals and very comfortable around them. There is only 1 local taxi and I do help him when he is knee deep. I will hopefully complete my North American Super 10 in April in the NWT for a muskox. I know there are may variables that surround this question, so please don't disrespect me and just ask me and not assume. Thanks for reading this~
  2. Andysmith

    Andysmith Member

    You should post some of your work

  3. jorgy

    jorgy Member

    The Iowa show is coming up in a few weeks, go there and network. I know several of the taxidermist with larger shops in Iowa and several of them are behind. I also know of an Omaha taxidermist that does a lot of African that used to sub out some whitetail work. As you know, you are going to have to prove you are up to snuff to land any work, but it's out there. You may find that it just doesnt pay enough to not deal with public bullshit in the end.
  4. Brian Reinertson

    Brian Reinertson Well-Known Member

    Definitely come to the Iowa show March 31st, April 1st, 2nd and 3rd. You will meet a lot of good folks. Hope to see you there.
  5. pinklestein

    pinklestein New Member

    I do have that planned, thanks jeff~