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Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by Muncher, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. Muncher

    Muncher Member

    It's been a while since I've done anything, but here's a common buzzard that I just finished.

    I found him in the middle of the road towards the end of last summer, and when I spotted him I had to wait for three cars to drive over the top of him before I could make a grab. Fortunately they went over the top, and didn't squash him.

    After macerating, I found that he was badly smashed up - must have been hit really hard. The skull was in four major pieces, a number of ribs and several vertebrae broken, and the sternum and pelvis split in a several places. I thought it was such a rare find that it was worth trying to rescue it. The skull was the most difficult part, as the pieces had not held their shape and distorted during maceration. I had to dream up ways of clamping, stretching and bending the broken pieces whilst gluing.

    I think it was all worthwhile, as I'm happy with the end result, and it will make a great addition to my cabinet.

    It's the largest bird I've done, and it actually taught me a lot, as I could see much better how some of the bones fit together than I could on the smaller specimens I've done.

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  2. Muncher

    Muncher Member

    Not great photos I'm afraid - I need a bit of daylight for some better ones

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  3. btr

    btr Member

  4. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    For it being as badly busted up as you say, you have done a really nice save with that. Did you save any of the feathers too?
  5. RWOOD

    RWOOD New Member

    Great save
  6. Guus

    Guus Member

    Really nice articulation! I like the pose, it looks ready for take off. Impressive job with all the broken bones, I think I would have taken another one! :D
  7. Muncher

    Muncher Member

    I can't really take credit for the pose. I copied it straight from the excellent 3D animation on Wouter's site. I'm not much good at working out a positioning for a skeleton, so I find a picture that I think looks really good, and work from that. Not very original, but to my mind a decent pose is far more important than a few broken bones.

    I did keep a large handful of feathers, Seawolf. I've no idea what I'll do with them, but I couldn't bring myself to put them all in the bin.
  8. jfake

    jfake Member

    That looks great. Good job
  9. Very nice mount ! And also nice save, I totally understand that you wanted to save it. I found few specimens by myself too so even if the one I get has some damages I try to do what I can to get it as good as possible.
  10. flintlough

    flintlough Member

    Very nice articulation! I haven't tried avian skeleton yet, but your buzzard makes me want to. I think a larger skeleton would be my preference too. Maybe a buzzard like yours or perhaps a wild turkey. The feet and claws are impressive. I also find the last tail section interesting, I didn't realize it was such a large segment on birds. Thanks for sharing! :)
  11. TheSeaWench

    TheSeaWench Member

    Sweet grab! What a great bird to articulate. I feel like its almost a symbol for bone collectors ;) Its definitely been a natural beacon for me since I've found most of my bones following wherever the vultures are circling.