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2016 UTA Expo and Convention

Discussion in 'Convention Information' started by JeffWhitlock, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. JeffWhitlock

    JeffWhitlock New Member

    2016 UTA EXPO and Convention

    May 25th - May 29th

    Ramada Plaza Louisville Hotel and Conference Center
    9700 Bluegrass Parkway
    Louisville, KY 40299 US

    Seminar Schedule

    ​We will have seminars on small animal and life-size techniques, business and insurance, and casting techniques, etc.
    We're also planning some seminars for non-taxidermists, such as floral arrangements.

    Visit our Expo Vendors page to see who will be at our trade show.

    ​There will be a social hour and banquet on Saturday night.
  2. Skywalker

    Skywalker Well-Known Member

    Should be a great time! Can't wait.

  3. I did not see any fish seminars ,was that only a partial list thanks Rich.
  4. JeffWhitlock

    JeffWhitlock New Member

    For the hands on bird seminar, please bring a prepped skin, form, eyes, your normal tools and supplies you would usually use when mounting a bird. Our world class instructors will assist you in putting your bird together. This may include showing you new and different techniques for assembly, wing attachment, etc. This is an awesome way to get a customer piece or one of your own birds mounted and a fun way to do it!!!
    To sign up or if you have any questions, please call Brenda Duvall at 715-785-7828.

    Currently, there are no fish seminars scheduled.
  5. JeffWhitlock

    JeffWhitlock New Member


    Wednesday May 25, 2016
    12-3 Backboard setup
    3-?? Supplier set up begins
    5-7 Registration Desk open & mounts accepted

    Thursday May 26, 2016
    9-5 Hands on bird seminar Mike Nakielski, Jim Kimball, Craig Lewis
    Open to the first 10 participants, we ask that each bring along a prepared and cleaned skin, form and everything needed to put your bird together.. tools, supplies, etc. These talented individuals will assist and show you new techniques and methods to help you put together a better bird mount. (call Brenda 715-785-7828 to reserve your spot)
    9-6 Registration desk open & mounts accepted
    1-3 Seminar #1 Business and Insurance with Craig Lewis
    1-3 Seminar #2 Life size techniques with Brian Hendricks
    3pm Judging begins
    3-6 Trade Show Open
    6-?? Meet and Greet in Vendor Room

    Friday May 27, 2016
    8-12 Finish Hands on Bird seminar
    8-6 Registration desk open and final mounts accepted up to 12 noon
    8-10 Seminar #3 Reference casting with Vic Heincker
    8-10 Seminar #4 Fixing Fleshing Problems with Olaus Lyons
    8-10 Seminar #5 Coffee Barista with Michelle Bowen
    10-12 Trade Show Open
    1-5 Hands on Game head mounting - Manny Chavez Bob Prewitt, Terry Bennett, Bill Bowen
    Open to the first 10 participants, we ask that each bring along an already prepped skin, form, supplies, tools, mounting stand. Everything you normally use to put a head together. Let our experienced staff of guys give you a hand in advancing and understanding new and different ways of mounting those heads. (call Brenda 715-785-7828 to reserve your spot)
    1-3 Seminar #6 Casting Techniques with Kirby Ross
    1-3 Seminar #7 Running your business with Taxidermy Direct with John Jennings
    1-3 Seminar #8 Hands on floral arranging with Jeff Whitlock
    3-6 Trade show open
    5-6 Competition room open for competitors choice voting
    5-9 Public Viewing
    6-7 UTA Annual Meeting

    Saturday May 28, 2016
    9-4 Finish Hands on Game head mounting seminar
    8-5 Registration Desk open
    9-12 Trade show open (Final Session)
    10-4 Judges Critiques (Ribbons will not be out)
    10-4 Public Viewing
    2-4 Seminar #9 Advanced small mammal techniques with Rodney Schreurs
    2-4 Seminar #10 Mounting a Large Mouth Bass with Ken Bauman
    4 Judges will be placing ribbons, comp room open as soon as ribbons are placed!!!
    5:30 Social Hour and Cash bar
    6 Banquet

    After Banquet mount takedown
  6. RichMO

    RichMO Well-Known Member

    Great line up and Seminars....... As usual I wish I could be in two to three places at the same time.....
  7. JeffWhitlock

    JeffWhitlock New Member

    Check out our exciting lineup of Expo Vendors!!

    If you are interested in becoming a vendor - please contact Craig Lewis at 509-995-6299 or [email protected]
  8. JeffWhitlock

    JeffWhitlock New Member

  9. JeffWhitlock

    JeffWhitlock New Member

    ***The 2016 UTA Convention and EXPO starts on May 25th!!!

    We've added some new vendors - check out our EXPO Vendors page!!

    The website now has a list of UTA Member Benefits!!!
  10. clewis

    clewis New Member

    The UTA Expo and Competition is only 3 weeks away. Put the finishing touches on your entry, make your reservations, plan your route and don't be late. See you there. WE STAND TOGETHER