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Best Method To Cast Reptiles?

Discussion in 'Reptile Taxidermy' started by Trapper2016, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. Trapper2016

    Trapper2016 Thanks for this awesome forum!

    Hello folks,

    I have a red eyed tree frog that was my pet many years ago that i preserved at the time in denatured alcohol. I recently took him out, positioned him and froze him. I know that a potential mold may not come out good, considering the preservation method, but i would like to give it a try. I am just trying to figure out the best method to mold the frog with.

    I have considered covering the frog with silicon caulk, similar to making artificial rocks, and then making a mold of that cast with resin, although i dont think thats a good method for this frog. I have thought about smooth on, but am not that familiar with the product. If anyone has any advice on making a reptile mold, as far as the initial molding material, i would really appreciate your advice.

    Thanks for your time
  2. Trapper2016

    Trapper2016 Thanks for this awesome forum!

    I should add that i searched the archives and saw an interesting thread about making reptile molds where Alginate was used to make the mold. This seems to be a great method, but i am confused when covering a 3 dimensional reptile like a frog, where the frog needs to be seen from every side. Once i make my damn around the frog and then poor the alginate on the frog, how would i go about demolding? I will need to have the alginate on all sides of the frog, so i suppose i would pour a little alginate at the bottom of the damn, insert the frog, and then pour alginate on top of that. So basically i am left with a cube of alginate with a frog in the middle. I have never worked with alginate before, so how do you remove the frog, leaving the mold in shape so that it can be cast from?

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