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Clear latex caulk

Discussion in 'Habitat and Exhibit' started by jennifer, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. jennifer

    jennifer New Member

    I use clear latex caulk (ALEX) on my bases. I am having a hard time finding it in CLEAR. Lowes, HD, Walmart, Ace all have it in white only. Anyone else having this problem?
    I mix it w hot water and saturate my leaves and ground clutter with it. Any suggestions?
  2. Why don't you try water and elmers glue for that, it works real good, and you can spray it on,,
    but look by where they sell the windows, that where the clear is used the most,,

  3. Home depot sells it by the case.
  4. jennifer

    jennifer New Member

    My HD and Lowes only carry white. I'm gonna try the elmers glue.
  5. txoutdoors

    txoutdoors Active Member

    see if you can find a product called lexel. Clear caulk great for water.