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Turnaround Time for a Whitetail mount

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by HunterArchery, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. Can everybody give me an idea of what they feel is a reasonable Turnaround time for a white tailed deer shoulder mount from the taxidermist including when the cape is sent out for tanning?

  2. twinrivers

    twinrivers Active Member

    All depends on the process you use. I used to tan all deer using Oxalic Acid pickle and Lutan-Fn tanning agent. This process your looking at:
    caping, fleshing, turn, salting 24 hrs, and resalting another 24hrs (some argue this) = 1 day
    Then you have your 2-3 day pickle, shaving, and back in the pickle for a day = 4 days
    Then neutralize, rinse, and tan 12-24 hrs = 1 day
    Rinse, spin dry, oil &soak overnight, final flesh, skife, form preparation = 1 day
    Mount and adjust as it dries = 2 weeks
    Finish work and airbrush = 1 day
    Total is about 3 weeks depending on drying time when I used this process. I used to take my measurements after I shaved in the pickle and had materials here and form prepped by the time I was ready to mount.

    This year I have been using Krowtan and you basically cape, flesh, turn, and mix your krowtann and throw the hide in there for 3- 4 days, rotating everyday to ensure even absorption of the chemical. Then neutralize, do your final fleshing and your ready to mount. Drying times very but I would say using this your looking at having your deer mounted in 5 days, then about 10 days to dry before finish work. They take about the same time but the simplicity is what I like. The first method I batch tanned 3-5 capes together so I ended up taking longer doing the shaving and tanning. But for one deer it is about the same just less work with the different steps.

    I sent hides to Moyle mink to be tanned and they took about 9 months to get back so I only send them my soft tan projects.

    Kinda long but hope I could help.

  3. 3bears

    3bears Well-Known Member

    6 months to a year
  4. 9 months to a year
  5. jk

    jk Active Member

    I am 5-8 months on WT, I send my hides out and get them wet tanned.
  6. gab

    gab Active Member

    10-13 months
  7. GrabowskesTaxidermy

    GrabowskesTaxidermy New Member

    I do all in house with auto tanner. I like to stay under 6 months on WT. Staying well under that right now. Sent 80 home this season so far.
  8. I try really hard to stay at 8 months or less. You also have to consider how many deer and other mounts you take in during a year. I use krowtan and you can tan and mount a deer in a week using this method.
  9. George1419

    George1419 New Member

    If I receive the deer in Oct it will be ready in 2 months or less, if it comes in during Nov. more like 6 months. I usually finish my last mount just before season begins, deer is the main thing I do plus some turkey fans and a couple bobcats, but I work 50 to 60 hours a week on my first full time job and take in around 100 deer a year plus euro's and rack mounts.
  10. LOL 2 month or less, this mean you have no work,

    If you take a mount to most taxidermist you can expect 6 months min, and some due to tannery turn around 9 months.

    depends on the work load the taxidermist has. Location, some folks think its ok to just drop in and visit even though they are taking the taxidermist time.
  11. T2LTaxidermy

    T2LTaxidermy Member

    Good lord! 2 months or less. Wow. I'm full time in the shop 45-60 hours a week. Take in 60 or so deer a year plus tons of fox bobcats coyotes waterfowl turkeys. You name it. I do everything in house. I use Pro 1 tanning system. I tell everyone a year at best. And. John C is correct about guys stopping in and taking up my time. The drop by visits without calling first kills me.
  12. George1419

    George1419 New Member

    WOW John C I think 100 or more deer by itself is a lot of work when your a part time taxidermist. Most taxidermist over lap there animals year to year not me , I'm done with this years deer at the start of the next season, so when my 1st deer comes in in Oct I'm on it right away so yes 2 months or less if brought in Oct.
  13. Paul B

    Paul B Active Member

    That's sounds pretty good George if there were 36 hours in a day. How do you possible get that many, over a hundred pieces done when working a full time 50-60 hour a day job. Unless you don't sleep, where do you get the time from. Now if you have help, that's a different story.
  14. ortegageno

    ortegageno Active Member

    And you must be single and no kids.
  15. George1419

    George1419 New Member

    5 til 2:30 6 days a week , in the shop by 3:30 until 7:00 then most of the day on Sunday, 3 boys and a stay at home mom, no help with any of my work in the shop, just trying to make it to retirement a few more years on my first job, yeah I'm slammed now but somehow I manage to hang on, I wish somedays there was 36 hrs in a day so I could slow down, it will be soon my friend I do know that.
  16. double shovel

    double shovel SilverWillowTaxidermy

    Yup, the visitors are time killers of the bad kind. I am a year minimum
  17. T2LTaxidermy

    T2LTaxidermy Member

    George.. My hats off to you buddy. Turning out that many deer heads in a year and working another job. Wow. Wish I could do that.
  18. Tanglewood Taxidermy

    Tanglewood Taxidermy Well-Known Member

    When I was working a full time job and doing full time taxidermy, none of my deer heads went past 8 months. Most were around 3 if I tanned them and 6 to 8 if they had to go to the tannery. Lifesize and large critters were usually 8 to 10 months and rugs 10 to 13 months. Something like that any way. Two full time jobs will kill you and your family life. I do very little taxidermy now, so my turnaround time is very quick.
  19. J Cook

    J Cook Cook Taxidermy

    By the time you retire from first job, you will be burnt out
  20. joeym

    joeym Old Murphey

    For the right money, we can have a deer ready in 10 days. Few people want to pay for that service.