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Full Tannery Suite for Sale

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Trigger Thunder Tanning, May 4, 2016.

  1. Trigger Thunder Tanning

    Trigger Thunder Tanning New Member

    I am selling my entire Commercial Tannery set up to include equipment, chemicals, and all other materials. Listed below are the details of what is included in my asking price and everything you will need to begin your own tanning business. All listed tanning equipment here is clean and in excellent/new condition (2 seasons old). I am not interested in selling equipment off piece by piece I am only looking to sell the full package due to the fact that if you’re missing one portion of the operation there is no operation at all. You may already be a tanner but in need of newer updated equipment or you may be interested in entering the trade needing it all AND the know-how. With that being said there could be arrangements made for training with the purchase of the package in full and upfront learn on your new equipment. Feel free to text or call me with any questions or for photos @ (330) 980-0490. Asking price is $9900.00.
    Offer includes equipment as follows:
    A) Hydro pressure flesher – includes all specie fleshing tip.
    B) Stainless Steel hide shaving table / working counter with lower level storage shelf. 7’ Wx 30” Dx 3’ H
    C) Stainless Steel utility sink with industrial faucet and hand spray nozzle. 29” Wx 29” Dx 3’ H
    D) Eager Beaver Hide flesher/shaver with Steal blade plus spare blade. This machine is floor or table mountable.
    E) Three 100 gallon pickle/re-hydrator/soaker wet vat tanks for fur or haired hides. All vats are equipped with drainage pluming and extension hosing. 53” Wx 31” Dx 25”H each
    F) Wench lift (440lbs) on A frame mobile moving or stagnant with locking wheels for skinning, hoisting, or lifting and draining hides from tank. 64” Wx 32” Dx 7’ H
    G) 150 Gallon pressure rotating tanning tank – Line-X lined to be rust free. Tank will come with all remaining door seal material. 89” Wx 32” Dx 34” H
    H) Tumbling hide dryer, finisher, and polisher machine with separate intraction and extraction compartments. Tumbler will come with tumbling compound material. 101” Wx 104” Dx 94” H
    I) Staking/Stretching machine – Rotary stacking machine used for breaking in the hides or tanned skins. 39” Wx 64” Dx 52” H
    J) Scraping finisher machine – Rotary machine that scuffs the skin side of the hide giving a real felt like soft feel to the leather. This is an additional step to the staking when finishing the hides. 45” Wx 66” Dx 60” H
    K) Hide stretchers/hanging dryers approx. 45-50 all sizes.
    Offer includes Chemicals as follows (commercial Knoblochs brand):
    A) Level X PR Stretcher
    B) TX Tanner 2001
    C) ACR White oil
    D) 200 SW Dry Tan Oil
    E) 415 Degreaser
    F) Pine Kem
    G) Hair Glaze
    H) TBM Fatliquar
    I) Ex 40 Degreaser
    J) Rehydrator AF
    K) Soda ASH
    L) Non Iodized salt
    All chemicals will come with their gravity fed containers and dispensing nozzles. Motivated to sell but won’t give it away. serious inquiries only please.
  2. Wildwoodtannery

    Wildwoodtannery New Member

    Re: Full Tannery Suite for Sale (New Equipment & Supplies) Trade Training Available

    Do you still have your equipment? Willing to sell?

  3. Trigger Thunder Tanning

    Trigger Thunder Tanning New Member

  4. shawn1977

    shawn1977 Member

    is the tanner still forsale
  5. Hello,
    Could you please email the pictures of your equipment.
    [email protected]
    Thank you,
    Neil B
  6. GregJ

    GregJ Active Member

    Guys, he has his phone number listed. Call him.
  7. Greg, I didn't ask you.
  8. GregJ

    GregJ Active Member

    Good luck Neil.
  9. JuJu Bee

    JuJu Bee New Member

    I guess Trigger should of posted....."Tannery Suite For Sale".....call me and I will tell you what I have....lol
  10. Hey Greg,
    Sorry about that, I haven't even gone to Taxidermy school yet and I'm on this sight trying to learn something and every other post on the subject I was reading was some negative remark or a remark about how stupid the question was. After reading a dozen pages I didn't learning a thing because of all the fighting. The main one has his own picture next to his post, some fat white hair man with his SHOOTING outfit on with his shotgun broke open over his shoulder. Then I clicked on that add and snapped out at you.
    Sorry, Neil.
  11. tawantataxidermy

    tawantataxidermy New Member

    Dd you sell all of your equipment?