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Cell Telephone question

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by ljones, May 12, 2016.

  1. ljones

    ljones 1994 wasco award winner

    I have be doing taxidermy since before cell phones and computers and the Internet Even though I do use all of them now... I have had the same land line phone number with yellow age adds since 1973.... My question do any of you rely solely on cell phones for your bussiness ? I am thinking of doing away with the land line and yellow page adds because no one uses a phone book any more and I stay as busy as I want from word of mouth..... Also I would still need Internet service ...can you have that at a reasonable cost without all the other expenses of a land line phone
  2. I switched my land line number to cell phone, bad thing is, it goes wherever I go.
    I still have yellow page, but wonder if I really need it.

  3. KatieC

    KatieC Active Member

    I haven't had a land line in years. If you have good cell phone reception where you are, you should be fine.
  4. jjennings.m

    jjennings.m Member

    I would be hesitant to drop the landline for the sole purpose of emergencies. Can you reliably dial 911 from your cell phone and have responders locate you? (If you can't speak, for example).

    The Yellow Pages on the other hand could have probably been dropped many years ago.
  5. EA

    EA Well-Known Member

    IMO, just a cell is not professional. Only because of what jjennings.m alluded to. Dropped calls and fuzzy reception.

    If I, as a customer call you, and you drop my call or I can barely hear you, my first impression is - this guy is half-azzed - Next Number.

    But, if I receive a call from a customer's cell and THEY drop the call it's no harm, no foul. I'm too impatient for BS when I'm trying to get something done.

    When listed with a main # as an alternate. Then I know I could be cut off. JMO.

    You find a cheap way to pull it off let us know. I could buy a house for what I pay. Bundle your service, save money...Yea right. Dish, internet, 2 lines, fax, unlimited LD = SUX
  6. Taxiserv

    Taxiserv James Newport

    Make sure you are ok w being available 24/7 if you use your cell. If you need the work and think it's a positive thing for clients to have 100% access then give it a try but I say don't do it it was a nightmare for me. James Newport
  7. 3bears

    3bears Well-Known Member

    I say drop the land line and the yellow page add, they are over priced. I use only my cell phone but, my phone number is the same as my land line was. Yes, customers can call any time but that is what voice mail is for. In today's world a mobile friendly website is the most utilized way for new customers to find you. Since I opened my business, I have asked everyone that comes through the door, how they heard about me and next to word of mouth the website was right at the top.
  8. x2
  9. FishArt

    FishArt Well-Known Member

    Yellow Pages has been a waste of money for the last 15 years. Maybe good for starting out to help build a name, but useless after that. As far as dumping your landline, I believe every person's situation can be different. In my situation the original plan was to dump my business landline 10 years ago. Only to find out my cell phone reception was spotty downstairs where I work. HOWEVER, since Comcast and all the phone companies went digital years ago their reliability can be questionable at times as well. For me, I get glitches where my landline must be interfering with my modem at times and the person on the other end simply blanks out for a second or two. And it happens fairly regularly and of course Comcast says it's on my end. I just deal with it. Extremely annoying but I jus deal with it. I never thought I'd see the day where (if upstairs) my cell phone is indeed more reliable than my landline. But, then again we have Verizon and very good service in my area.

    My advice to you would be to start using your cell phone for everything and see how comfortable you are using it. Personally, I think most of the U.S. is use to businesses having cell phones vs. landlines these days and we deal with the occasional dropped call. It's the only form of communication for many folks in bigger companies nowadays always on the run. On the flipside, my landline is nice to have in a 911 emergency and it is dirt-cheap (bundled). SO, I keep it because when it;s working properly I DO hear better from it vs. my cell phone. But, then again I'm due for a cell phone upgrade anyway so that might be the deciding factor in the future for me. Use your cell a lot before you dump the landline. But, I would mainly be concerned on how well you can hear on it and how reliable your provider is. If I worked upstairs, I'd dump my landline in a heartbeat. Not too many folks are going to not use you because you had an occasional dropped call. JMO...
  10. scottdawg

    scottdawg Member

    This year I'm dumping the yellow page ad. Way more business comes in from customers who Google taxidermist. The land line phone will still be in service for the old customers.
  11. 3bears

    3bears Well-Known Member

    scottdawg you can move your land number to cell phone, you just have to ask. That number is already assigned to your business.
  12. capnmike

    capnmike New Member

    I added an extra cell on my family share plan. It cost me $10 a month and it shares the plan with my personal phone. It stays plugged in to the charger when I am closed and stays in my pocket when I am open. I can't imagine anything easier or cheaper.
  13. txoutdoors

    txoutdoors Active Member

    Forward you land line to your cell for a trial period. If it works drop the land line. If not unforward. No harm no foul.
  14. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Like Mike, I just have always felt that there's a price to doing business. Keeping that land line may cost a bit (the Yellow Pages are included in that cost and I damned sure get more than my share of drunks and idiots looking for a taxi) but it allows a multitude of things I can't get with my cell that are priceless to me. One is privacy. Only people I enjoy have my cell number. Second, it allows me to screen my calls (I have a talking caller ID) without pulling the phone out and having to look at it. Three, it eliminates 99.9% of the political and computer generated dialed calls bullspit. When I finally suffer my last "burnout", I can disconnect it and have total peace of mind that all three of the above no longer exist.
  15. FishArt

    FishArt Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure I agree with #3 George. Telemarketers want the landlines and not the cell phones so much. I get two to three telemarketers a day on my landline on average. Rarely do I get one on my cell phone. I suppose IF I marketed my cell number that might change a bit. But, again, landlines are much more valuable to telemarketers and I doubt I'd get as many unwanted calls on my cell. Also, comparing apples to apples you can do the same with a cell number/phone when you turn off the lights with a second cell phone. Disconnect it and kill your second cell service. Btw, I too have talking caller ID - have had it for at least ten years now, maybe 15 years actually and love it! P.S. I don't get the drunks looking for the taxicabs anymore. I think that went away when people stopped calling 411 for info and instead Google it themselves on their phones instead. IMO the main reasons for not wanting to switch to a cell is simply reliability/coverage and sound clarity. Otherwise, all of the other issues aren't really issues at all IMO...