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Tools and tips

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by rbear, May 27, 2016.

  1. rbear

    rbear Well-Known Member

    Nice way to freeze the hides Brooke. I have heard of people putting their hides in a piece of 6" pipe and freeing them. Then they pull them out of the pipe and stack them like cord wood in an upright freezer or stand them up in the chest freezer with the tag attached to the top. Either way there is a ton of forward thinking going on there.
  2. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    Don't have a Master Blaster for drying and fluffing animal hair. Use your leaf blower.

  3. rbear

    rbear Well-Known Member

    I bought a oscillating tool about 5 years ago thinking it would work well to cut alligator jaws. Little did I know that I would use it for everything. I now do a bur to bur incision on deer because it is so easy to grab this tool and cut the skull cap off. I bought the cheep one at Menards.
    I think my next purchase will be a cordless one.
  4. BrookeSFD16

    BrookeSFD16 Well-Known Member

    Here's another thing we can't live without. These are birch, so they're fairly hard. You can sand them to make any "tool" you want.


  5. rbear

    rbear Well-Known Member

    Stapling the hide to the backer board. About 4 years ago I have stopped doing this. I simply mount the animal, cut the cape about 2 inches past the back of the form, smear some hide past on the on the hide and pat it down to the backer board. The next day when I check the mount I push any high spots down. The backer boar wicks the moisture out of the glue faster then the foam of the form does so the hide will stay on the backer board. This eliminates a process and saves time.
  6. Tanglewood Taxidermy

    Tanglewood Taxidermy Well-Known Member

    I have always said " if you can trust your hide paste to hold the skin down to the form, you can trust it to hold it to a back board".
  7. rbear

    rbear Well-Known Member

    There you go.
  8. I was looking to build myself a tumbler and was in search of a motor. While browsing the isles in Harbor Freight I came across a 3cu/ft cement mixer. I checked the specks on it and the RPM's are 15 to 18 "Perfect". So I bought if $159.95 and now I have a tumbler. I replaced the metal blades in the tub with wood and built a lid for it. Whenever I get ready to change out the corn cob I just tip it down and empty it out. It works really well for what I do. Now you can't tumble really big game in it, but for whitetail capes and smaller it's perfect.
  9. rbear

    rbear Well-Known Member

    Now there is some very inventive thinking.
  10. rbear

    rbear Well-Known Member

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