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My vary first ever!

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Jurgens, May 28, 2016.

  1. Jurgens

    Jurgens New Member

    This is my vary first mount!

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  2. tomdes

    tomdes Me my dear and Fall BAZZ!!!


    I can complement you on finishing your first mount, but there's a lot wrong with it. You need to start with good reference pictures, that would have helped you correct issues with your ears, mouth and eyes.. Whisker placement is even incorrect.. Good luck with future mounts..

  3. rbear

    rbear Well-Known Member

    Wow a big cat for your first mount. You are a brave person. I have been doing taxidermy for 16yrs and have not had the opportunity to mount a big cat yet. If I did I would solicit help.
    Good job on getting it done.
  4. Trapper2016

    Trapper2016 Thanks for this awesome forum!

    I agree with the others. For your first mount ever, picking a cougar is a major job. I can't imagine tackling such an animal for a first mount. Shoot, i still have never tackled anything that big. But im working up too it. I tried a bobcat pedestal mount some months ago and it gave me an appreciation for working on cats. They are much tougher to get the face right than any other animal i have worked on so far. It took me many hours to get the face half way correct, and it still isn't all that good. But here is a picture that helped me out alot. This is one from google image (not sure of original source, maybe even it was here), but it helps illustrate the correct angles of a feline type face. I hope it helps in the future. And it looks like you have alot of talent. Good luck on the next one.


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  5. Jurgens

    Jurgens New Member

    Yes bad it's is. But the taxidermist I took it to lost my wife's number had it for four years . I tracked him down after he moved 4 times. I was just lucky to get the hide back.
  6. Steve.J

    Steve.J Member

    Sounds like from your reply, you knew it was bad work. Not quite sure I understand your reasoning for tackling such a big job for your first mount. You were just glad to get the hide back and throw it on a form? I'm sure there is a reputable taxidermist in your area that you could've taken it to after you got it back.
    There is a lot of form prep that needs to be done, especially on the head and face of mammals. For example, you need to cut a fairly large amount of foam out to get the ear liners to set into the head correctly. Looks like you just attached them to the side of the head like you would a deer. That's not right for mammal work. Clay work around the eyes, eye brows, ears, whisker pads, nose, and lips is critical to get right for mammals. You must look at and study reference and be able to interpret it. I commented on your post in the beginner section as well. Not sure why you posted this in the Deer and Gamehead section also.
    Hope you take all of this in stride and strive to do better next time.
  7. Jurgens

    Jurgens New Member

    Thank you and yes I take it good stride 8) ! I'm going to remount it soon, even though the wife likes it it's her first cat ! I've never hunted one yet.
  8. Sonnyknight

    Sonnyknight Member

    Don't beat yourself up I have to give you credit for doing it especially for doing a mountain lion I sure would not try a lion for my first.

    Sonny ;)
  9. Jurgens

    Jurgens New Member

    Thank you I wasn't either until the wife seid mount it. She wanted a rug made but I talked her into a full body. I just didn't think I was doing it after we got the hide back.