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Revolution Whitetail Deer Forms

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by HunterArchery, May 29, 2016.

  1. Just curious if anybody has had any experience with the Revolution brand of white tail deer forms and what their thoughts are on them versus McKenzie forms?
  2. nick_3401

    nick_3401 Member

    like the more original type poses and starting to use them more, they look and go together well, but have only used a few but plan to put a few in the showroom this summer and likely will sell a lot after people see them. Won many awards on their 1/2 mount bear this spring also.

  3. Paul B

    Paul B Active Member

    Great forms for really big deer. Mounted a giant on their biggest wall pedestal and it fit like it was sculpted from that deer.
  4. Nice guys....nice.
    I wish they had: 1) Online ordering and 2) Order tracking at this time.
  5. 8Point

    8Point Member

    I really like em.... look good on those midwest bucks.
  6. I have one that I am working on and with right now. I find the material little more flaky and softer and then McKenzie forms and I'm used to working with. Time will tell if I turn out like that or not.