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The Gentleman "Inchumuk"

Discussion in 'Taxidermy History' started by John Janelli, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    Taking a look back over the trail, today marks four years of the passing of perhaps one of most beloved icons we as taxidermists ever came to embrace in our own time,
    Henry Wichers Inchumuk. To say he is missed is surely an understatement. Fortunately, his brilliance cut a deep grove in all that taxidermy means to us. Not just as a hobby, sideline or career, but as a way of life. A life in which Inchumuk loved so dearly, that he permeated its pure unbridled passion of wherever he went. Inchumuk's close relationship with Native American spirituality set such an example of loving acceptance and tolerance that few main stream religions can mirror even the very concept of these days.
    Inchumuk, your spirit still refreshes us, your past will always guide us. And the future will always be the harbinger of your legacy.
  2. PA

    PA Well-Known Member

    Henry was indeed one of those great contributors to the natural history exhibits that fill the museums in the US. It is amazing the number of people that are involved in large museums who devote great parts of their lives to building exhibits to be enjoyed, and at the same time educated, by the masses. There was a nice review article of the evolution and history of exhibits at the Denver Museum in an issue of the DENVER MUSEUM OF NATURE & SCIENCE ANNALS | No. 4, December 31, 2013
    page 88 describes Henry as a "A Character among Characters"

    There are some excellent books published on the Colorado Museum of Natural History from the 1920's through the 1950's - essentially A "Pictorial Book of the Museum Exhibits" before Henry got there. They have changed names numerous times, I preferred the Denver Museum of Natural History, but unfortunately, people don't know what Natural History is anymore. There is a great history in that museum - maybe sometime I will see it in person!

  3. Thanks John, his talent and spirit inspires me everyday.
  4. Museum Man

    Museum Man Well-Known Member

    what a great story to read about henry from the museum