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Your Thoughts?

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by RTF, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. RTF

    RTF Active Member

  2. The Arkansas Taxidermist Assoc has not made a statement. (someone without notification to the board has made a statement.) it is mostly correct but not totally correct. Could the the TV personal misquoting.

    Yes the ATA does have a certification which is earned by competing and earning points toward certification.
    It is not a forever earned certificate, you must continue to work to keep certified.

    The certification program was on our website, but we had someone assist with t and now that's gone.

  3. Taxind

    Taxind Member

    If in all actuality IF everything in the article is TRUE, I would not want to be a member of that association. First off, who are they to tell me what my turnaround time should be, yes that seems a little long but things happen! Second I am a member of my state association and others, but I do not do the competition thing, so I guess by their standards I would not be recommended because I don't have ribbons and trophies. Yes the taxidermist in question could have handled the situation a little different but we all know how some customers are also. Just my thoughts !
  4. Joe Kish

    Joe Kish Well-Known Member

    Random thoughts....

    1. This sounds lik a breach of contract. What did the conttract stipulate and was it in writing or verbal?
    2. What is the remedy? The customer could have reclaimed his trophy skin and horns if the service wasn't completed under the terms of the contract and taken it elsewhere.
    3. He would have lost his deposit which would have been applied to skinning and tanning etc. but wouldn't have had to pay that part to another taxidermist. (I know that's arguable.)
    4. The customer could have sued the alleged "business" and/or the taxidermist in small claims court for breach of contract also asking for court costs and punitive damages for his lost time and trouble in seeking remedy. (That's a lot of trouble.)
    5. The ATA could have disciplined a member for ethics violation if their by-laws so provide and someone actually investigated the complaint and made a determination one way or another. (Little chance of that happening.)
    6. The so-called taxidermist was remiss in handling the customer and his order in a professional manner.
    7. Let the buyer beware.
  5. RichMO

    RichMO Well-Known Member

    Sounds like the customer "John Lawson" is a complete idiot or just plain stupid. A good hunter or fisherman that has any brains would have checked out the taxidermist before he takes a specimen in to be mounted. I agree that there are sometimes extenuating circumstances that prohibit it being done in a period of time but in all in this case better communication between the two would have gone a long way. They are both at fault in this case. The ATA owes no one and in reality doesn't own any one an explanation or any assistance. If the business was part of the association I can see the ATA getting involved to help open communication lines but then again did Lawson do his homework.... Probably not.
  6. Pretty much sums up the type of guy the customer is:
    The taxidermist probably told him it'd be a year turn around and oh dear god....it ended up being 16 months instead of 12.

    This dork paid thousands to go and finally shoot something and then plunked down a couple hundred bucks for a deposit so that entitled him to call and scream monthly. Filing a complaint with the AG? Tad bit of an overreaction.

    Pretty weak of the state org to throw him under the bus without contacting the taxidermist first to at least get their side. Why are they siding with the customer in the first place? Isn't it an organization for taxidermists---not whiny pain in the azz customers. If they were contacted for statement and felt the need to issue one why wasn't it along the lines of, "average time is 8-12 months but can be as long as three years depending on the type of work being commissioned," or another way of giving their members some wiggle room. They can run their businesses as they want.

    If I was the taxidermist I'd encourage them to list my name and then give a statement to throw some gas on the fire. No such thing as bad publicity. Make yourself a household name.
  7. RTF

    RTF Active Member

    I wanna know why he was only charged $500 for that mount. He got a hell of a deal and should be happy its done now, and move on.
  8. FishArt

    FishArt Well-Known Member

    Must not be much going in in Arkansas if this is making the news - lol! At least in Chicago here we have shootings and such (real news) lol!
  9. bhymel

    bhymel Member

    The old saying can't win for loosing. Get them out fast , must be using DP, not very good, doesen't have a lot of work. Take 12 to 18 months, youre screwing me.
  10. gab

    gab Active Member

    I think the association should keep their mouth shut and mind their own business.plus whoever is being quoted should put their name out there instead of hiding behind 'the association"it boils down to one taxidermist publicly bashing another.
  11. KatieC

    KatieC Active Member

    I've wondered what it means when a taxidermist claims that they're "certified." Can someone explain? I can understand saying that you're licensed. Lots of claims of being a "master taxidermist" also, whatever that's supposed to mean. Maybe there's a thread somewhere already about this. If so, please point me in that direction!
  12. Tanglewood Taxidermy

    Tanglewood Taxidermy Well-Known Member

    In Oregon all you need is to send in a little over a hundred bucks to fish and game and viola! Your a licensed taxidermist. No competence testing or anything just a hundred something bucks and your good to go.
  13. Arkansas Taxidermist Assoc. has a certification, you earn points through competing.
    The amount of points is related to the awards 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

    Once you achieve the points you are awarded certification through the ATA.
    It is not permanent certification, you have to continue competing to keep it.
    Out of state ribbons count for points the General membership voted in Feb 2015 that a certified member can provide the ATA with a seminar at the annual show as part of the certification in place of competing in place of the ribbon scores for updating their certification.

    When the member is including out of state scores for their certification, copies of the score sheet must be sent in to the certification score keeper with in the time period.

    The ATA does require members to earn certification it is a personal goal. So many choose not to.
    The only thing is you have to compete and at some point, which is left up to the member they must compete in Arkansas with the same judges being use by the members who do not wish to earn certification.

    So yea even if an member lives in another state they can earn certification.

    Tanglewood it is not licensing. YEa many states have the licensing, just send in your money, no skills needed. LOL
  14. gab

    gab Active Member

    I've met a lot of taxidermists that were certifiable. maybe that's what they mean.

    TIMBUCK Active Member

    I've seen it all now... Good GOD almighty....
    Grow a pair and Go get your stuff back.. I can't stand a whiner.
    We should all get together and make a documentary about slow paying/no paying customers...