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Artificial Water and Paint

Discussion in 'Habitat and Exhibit' started by Trapper2016, Jun 23, 2016.

  1. Trapper2016

    Trapper2016 Thanks for this awesome forum!

    Hello everyone,

    Hope your doing well. I have a question that i am hoping i can get some help with. I am planning on starting a fairly large habitat base for reptile reproductions. When done it will have half a dozen frogs, a few salamanders, etc. Part of the plan is to have a large portion covered in aritificial water. I have dealt with artificial water before and really enjoy using it, but at this point, i have never positioned a painted reproduction in the water itself.

    My major question is, do i need to do anything special to a painted reproduction (example: a swimming frog) before i place the repro in the water? I just want to be sure that the artificial water does not warp or effect the paint job of the reproduction. Or vice versa and have the paint job on the rerpo effect or stain the water. For any of you out there who have done similar water displays, i would really appreciate your advice on any precautions that I may need to make. I just ordered Frank Newmeyers swamp habitat video, and am hoping that will help as well.

    Thanks for your time
  2. Sikk

    Sikk Member

    While I do not use Art. Water brand, I do use a 2 part epoxie called Flex Coat . I have poured that over numerous painted objects without any affect to the paint. Main use is for coating fishing lures that are airbrushed. the only issue I could for see would be trapped air bubbles ( use a little heat). if possible hand brush a repro with art water and see if causes any issues, just like you were putting a gloss coat on it. make sure paint is thoroughly dry before glossing. several days. paul