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Tasco Auto Tanner problems

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by tannedbeaver, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. tannedbeaver

    tannedbeaver New Member

    Hi all !!! I just purchased a 45 gallon Tasco auto tanner. We have about 100 muskrat and 15 beaver furs that we are wanting to tan from last season. They were all just fleshed stretched and hung up to dry. No salt was used. When I went to get them to hydrate them there was beetle bugs in them and seem to be a little green. I washed 10 of the muskrat out with warm water and hydrated them until they were back to being flexible. Fur seemed to be intacted so we decided to try to tan them. we did the following :

    3 pounds of bucktan crystals with 2 gallons of warm water for 1 hour with the flesh side out. We ended up leaving them in overnight and when I pulled them out they looked the same as when I put them in. I wrung them out and added the bucktan scour for 3 hours. I washed them in dawn dish soap and rinsed them in cold water. then to the second pressurization of 2 gallons of water 2 pounds of bucktan crystals 2/3 cup of bucktan softening oil and 6 cap fulls of bucktan scour. We ran them for 3 hours in the auto tanner. When that was complete we took them out and was still the way them were when we first put them in.

    So we decided to try to put a different set of 10 muskrats in with the cold water (2 gallons ) and 3 pounds of bucktan crystals.Ran that for 2 hours and still the same. 2 more hours and there was little patches of white. Changed the water and crystals and now have ran it for a total of 12 hours. was seeing an increase of white for a while but now they all seem the same each time. Not sure what I am doing wrong or what I should try next. Open to any ideas and need to know if the ones that we have already had through the tanner are salvageable.

    Would appreciate and input.
  2. I have always tanned with raw deer capes and have had zero problems. I suspect the air dried skins are not fully re-hydrated and are not accepting the tan.

  3. muscle20

    muscle20 New Member

    Hydrate flint dried skins fully as if you just removed them from the animal, then pickle fully takes a few days, remove the membrane, then degrease with a solvent degreaser, back to the pickle for a few more days, then tan and finish. there are know short cuts to dressing furs.