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Northern New England Taxidermy Championships

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by kittydogg, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. The Show is just one month away and it's shaping up to be better and bigger than last year.

    So put the finishing touches on your best pieces and join us for a great family event.

    Today is the final day to get the discounted room rate so register today Go to www.mainetaxidermy.org to register for the show.

    Don't forgot to take advantage of Ohio Taxidermy Supply's offer of a 15% pre-show discount. They are also offering a 12% discount at the show and the week following.
  2. As we are getting closer to our annual show I am looking forward to seeing many of you there. I wanted to reiterate something I have said to many attendees in person and now I want to put it out to all. Our show is based on a premise of learning, building friendships, and networking. Many times at show I see pieces that should have their own tour tee shirt having been to many shows around the country. If the premise is learning why would you bring the piece from state show to state show? I understand if you are working towards a national or world show you would take the piece to a state show then if possible fix the errors and bring it up to the next level. take the knowledge learned and create a new piece. But if you just drag the piece from show to show your just collecting hardware. Take what you have learned from the past show and build a new better piece and bring that. I appreciate that you are supporting our association by attending and entering pieces but leave the tour piece at home and bring something new. In short if you are coming to our show to just put more hardware on the wall stay home. The main focus on our show is learning. See you in August.

  3. After some debate the board of directors and the officers have decided to make the following change to the competition rules effective immediately.

    " If a potential entry for the annual competition has been entered in a previous state, regional, or national competition and has been awarded a blue ribbon that entry will be ineligible to enter the competition.

    This change was made to better highlite the true nature of our annual convention is focused on learning not winning awards.
  4. Paul, I understand your point but only to a certain degree. If I put in time to put a piece together for a show in June, there is no reason why I shouldnt be allowed to bring it to a show in August. There arent many people out there who have the time or the money to put a new piece together for every show they attend. And further more, denying an entry because it has gotten a blue ribbon in another show is even harder to understand. I have had several pieces of my own get a blue ribbon and walk away with nothing but. I myself have "toured" with a piece before and I have learned something new about each time. Each judge is different and has something different to offer. I have won everything at one show and nothing at another with the same exact piece without ever changing a thing. I think this decision should have been discussed at a membership meeting but that's just my opinion.
  5. ryan rhodes

    ryan rhodes Active Member

    It's nice to see you guys making decisions about an association that consists of "members" without actually asking any members... Maybe put it to a vote at the show while the "members" are there so they have a say about "their" association...
  6. Cathy

    Cathy N.E.A.T President

    What about the competitors who show up and didn't see this notice on Taxinet or wherever you may have posted it? They have to leave their piece in the car? Do what you feel is right, but that is very short notice for this year.
  7. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    PReynolds, have to agree with Catgear. You're less than a month away and that JUST came up? Those kinds of changes need to be made at least a year in advance.
  8. Joe Kish

    Joe Kish Well-Known Member

    Mr. Reynolds,

    It is short notice and the members should be allowed to vote on the subject.

    However, I agree with you in principle. Here are three paragraphs from a letter I sent to ALL officers and board members of the Texas Association a few years back ahead of our mid term board meeting relevant to out of state competitors. The letter was titled: Membership Categories and Credentials. It was much too long to post here.

    I'm in line with the general premise that an association doesn't owe out of staters equal privileges with state members, especially ribbon chasers looking for maximum reward for minimum effort.

    Incidentally, not a single officer or board member had the courtesy to even acknowledge receipt of my letter much less consider its arguments for a change in our by-laws.

    Here is the text:

    That brings into view out of state guests in our competitions. They come to our competitions to get something not to bring something. I don’t see how they benefit our association when we certify and give them our “credentials” with our ribbons in our competitions? It’s not like it’s some big secret that out of staters are often simply shopping around with the same mount at our competitions just to add more ribbons to the record of a single mount they entered in numerous other state contests. We do the same in their competitions for the same reason.

    I suggest we offer out of state taxidermists associate memberships … and charge them an out of state fee in our competitions. Since they’re not bona fide Texans, issue them certificates of merit in place of ribbons. Make them fancy certificates not cheapos. Our state competitions should benefit and distinguish Texans first, foremost and above all others. Speaking of ribbons, we certify all competitors with ribbons through our competitions regardless of how well grounded in knowledge and skill in taxidermy they may be, whether they can mount anything besides a deer head, or whether or not they were simply lucky [in a competition] sometime.

    ….By accepting every applicant and permitting every member to use our membership certificate in soliciting commercial work, we effectively certify them as proficient in the art. If you saw a membership certificate in a taxidermist’s studio wouldn’t you presume the holder must know his stuff because he’s a member of a trade association presumed to have qualifications and standards? It’s a heck of an asset to part timers and hobbyists which we sanction against the interests of our full time commercial business members. I notice it used often in phone book ads.
  9. pir^2h

    pir^2h Retrievers give you the bird

    Respectfully Mr. Kish,

    I disagree with this statement. A paying member is a paying member regardless of where they live or what convention they elect to attend. Case in point: I live in Tennessee but their convention is held in Nashville area each year and during a time slot which I cannot attend due to contractual obligations of my career. (I am a high school teacher and every year the convention for the last several years is during a weekend in which I must attend the graduation by contract. I have no choice)

    Last year by chance the North Carolina Association bumped theirs up on week in July which afforded me the opportunity to attend (by the way, I live close to the NC border and their show was closer than where they hold the TN show) so I attended this show and got a lot out of it. I am not a ribbon chaser. As a matter of fact, I didn't even care about that aspect. I entered several mounts solely for the purpose of getting a professional critique. No other reason. (My wife thinks my work looks great as does my coworkers but I know it sucks so I wanted the real deal) I don't think there were too many out of state taxidermists at the NCTA show but strip the out of state people of their opportunity to win and enrollments in some states may dwindle.

    My thoughts for whatever they are worth.

  10. ryan rhodes

    ryan rhodes Active Member

    Joe, if our small New England states didn't give "credit" to out of staters, our shows would have 4 people at them. This isn't Texas. You can drive through RI in 35 minutes, CT in an hour and a half. Mass, NH, and Vermont are about the same! Maine is the only state in New England with its own association. That's how our shows survive, by out of staters supporting each other. If somebody put countless hours into a piece and they want to bring it to 2 or 3 shows, so what?! This decision by Maine is ludicrous and 3 weeks from the show? What if several people from NY show up and have driven 6-10 hours with a piece they competed with in April at the UTNY show and blued with it... Paul, are you gonna tell members/potential members to pound sand?!?!?! Good luck with that. Good luck attracting new members too...
  11. Jerry Huffaker

    Jerry Huffaker Well-Known Member

    No matter what kish says , In Texas we welcome anyone who wants to compete, the tougher the competition the better we like it. We are all taxidermists what difference does a state line make. Bring on all those blue ribbon mounts and past breakthrough winners it raises the quality of our show and gives us all opportunity to make new friends in the industry from all over. We had taxidermists from six states and Australia this year. A taxidermist from Colorado won state champion small lifesize, an okie won state champion reptile and skin mount fish , another okie won best of the professional division and more a Louisiana taxidermist took state champion waterfowl and a lady from Arizona won state champion upland game bird. 8 state champions and 5 of them were from out of state. Congrats to them all for taking home the trophy buckles and we hope to see them all back next year. Our board refuses to dumb down our show to make it easier for the locals.
  12. Brian

    Brian Active Member

    Wow,sounds like your afraid of good mounts showing up.3 weeks notice is silly.don't be surprised if you destroy your state show by doing some shady ass business 3 weeks before a show.dumbest chit I've ever heard.

    TIMBUCK Active Member

    Mr. Kish, you are a icon in this industry so when is say with all due respect I mean WITH ALL DO RESPECT, but I say Let them all play. Who cares. No one is getting rich off of competitions. However I do not agree with the showing and reshowing of mounts, numerous times in numerous competitions but the rules say it can be done so it is what it is. Im done stressing over that..
    Its not the associations responsibility to create award winning taxidermists. They are a great learning tool though.
    Its the customers responsibility to pick a quality taxidermist. There are plenty of good ones out there.
  14. Tims

    Tims B&C Moose Daughter shot at age 10

    First off as One of the elected board members of MAT I want to thank everyone for their comments. Just like a president, governor, congress people are elected to make decisions for others that is how this country runs. I will try to keep it short and sweet. The main goal we are trying to achieve is to stop all the bashing of competitors. In the past few year we have had a competitor clean up at another show then bring all the same pieces to our show thinking he would take every trophy. He did not get one trophy he wanted so here starts all the school yard drama. He thought since he competed in a higher division no one under him should have beat him. A big discussion went on for weeks about this topic. It is the Judges that hand out the trophies no one else. We had some of the best judges in the past few years that have judged the world's they all know what they are doing there should be no arguing about their decisions. We have had some other competitors take blue ribbons and trophies in other shows at the highest levels and again bring those same pieces to our show. Low and behold one of the most coveted trophies went to a 11 year old youth. All the chest beaters got all uproar. In both instances people were putting others down, maybe not to there faces but words hurt and spreads. Last year we had about 12 youth pieces entered that is awesome, we don't need B-S going on, to hurt or discourage any of them. So if everyone brings new pieces to the show no one has a swollen head before they come. With that said we would like to see all new pieces however with not much notice I feel we will have to accept your blue ribbon pieces. Thank you
  15. ryan rhodes

    ryan rhodes Active Member

    Tim, at the show last year, all the major awards were spread out pretty well among 3 or 4 people. Not one person walked away with everything, so that is false. There was no grumbling that I was aware of, the only questioning going on was the WASCO award. People, myself included didn't realize that youth or amateur mounts were eligible. Once the rules were read everyone was fine with it and that was the end of the story. If you're all so hung up on having a strictly educational show, why bother having any awards at all? It doesn't make any sense...
  16. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Tim's, your point is well taken and though they may be valid, why would it take 49 weeks for your association to recognise it and take action. For taxidermists, who often can't get clients to pick up work for 3 weeks, to pose such a hardship on the people who will stoke your Treasury, is s bit puzzling. From the explanation, you seem to have a single individual problem being shotgunned towards everyone. This is the "jealousy factor" is see in competitions. We all know the awards are pittance and whoever wins them has zero effect on the association(they had to be bought regardless of who won them). Any "prize money" comes from sponsors and not the association. I fought that "participation award" logic here in Delaware. They wanted only Delawareans to win but wanted to advertise for entries from Virginia, Maryland. Nee Jersey, and Pennsylvania. We'd have 8 locals and 15 from out of state entrants. How long do you think the nonresidents would vontinue to come if we had done that? And YES, you have those ribbon chasers, but if that works is better, it should be a wake-up call for the others to improve. In my own association, I have 4 "Most Artistic" ribbons but I won only 2 WASCO awards because people didn't want to see me getting all the awards. I was serving as executive director and didn't make an issue about it, but it still stings. Competitions are the vehicle of the industry and can be both the boon or the bane of it. You just have to try to be smart in how you approach both without suffering consequences FROM both.
  17. Tims

    Tims B&C Moose Daughter shot at age 10

    Ryan did I say one person last year or you just feeling not quite right about something you might have said? I did not get into specifics to throw anyone under the bus but I guess if if lie down you would be upset. It has been brought up to just have critiques! We all know everyone can't be happy all the time, some people show up for the day of the show collect and go home. While other spend countless hour preparing to put the show on and still enter new pieces. It should't be hard for you to put a bird together.
  18. Tims, I am not sure how new you are to the industry or to the association for that matter. I have been a judge and a competitor at the Maine show many times. The show has always struggled and the quality of work has as well. Over the last several years the quality has gone up tremendously, and alot of it is from out of state members. The point is there are many who come to the show who put in alot of time and money on their pieces to not only benefit themselves but to benefit the show.(You still have locals who drop off pieces and leave, and dont return until sunday) Small state shows survive on entry fees, registration and dues. What you are doing is going to hurt the association. I see nothing good coming from this decision. Being the last show of the year in the area most out of state guys/gals would most likely never have a "new" piece for your show. NY show in April, New England in June, NJ in July, there just isnt the time for most to do it.
  19. Amy

    Amy Mammal artist

    I think most of us work on new showpieces in late winter/early spring, in preparation for the start of the show season (spring). So much time goes into these pieces, it is hard to just whip something new up over the summer after having just completed the last ones. I can understand implementing a rule to keep winning mounts from higher shows (NTA,Worlds) from dropping down, but to keep other state show mounts away? And not even BOC, but any blue ribbon at all? This show had been at the top of my list of ones that I hoped to attend one day, but this is unfortunate.
  20. After reading all of your viewpoints on the subject of the rule change I went back to the officers and board members and the consensus is that we make NO RULE CHANGES FOR THE 2016 COMPETITION. We will discuss the issue at our annual meeting and if the body of the membership wants a change we can address it then as a group. I also want to thank all of the people who called me and lent their support. I look forward to a lively discussion on this and many other topics at the show.