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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by rebelbambilemur, Jul 10, 2016.

  1. rebelbambilemur

    rebelbambilemur New Member

    Unfortunately I need to sell my gorgeous Alaskan Red fox mount by SkinnedFawx Taxidermy

    She's truly a work of art and I'm very very sad to see her go. This was apparently (according to what I was told) done during SkinnedFawx's "peak" year of work, and is very well done. It was also my very first commissioned piece.

    I've had her in storage for most of the time I've owned her, she has had very little human contact since I have lived with my parents and they don't approve. Adult-owned, child-free house. She's still in mint condition. I can send photos if anyone requests them of her in her current condition (basically untouched!)

    I'm not too familiar with taxidermy myself but she is semi-poseable, and has wires in her front legs and neck. It was apparently this taxidermist's first attempt at it but it works fairly well, she can sit up fairly unassisted as the photos show. My favorite was posing her peeking up over my bed for a photo once. It was very cute.

    The pelt was chosen by me off of a website provided to me by the taxidermist (I'm afraid I can't remember which one) but it's extremely thick and fluffy, The paws are to die for. The daintiness of the face is also just exquisite. I have heard this quality level pelt is extremely hard to find anymore without paying much more than I did.

    The one closed eye was a request on my part since she was meant to be drawing reference for an awake and sleeping expression.

    Please email me at [email protected] to make offers.

    I cannot accept anything under $500 or trades. Please respect this. Payments in full through Paypal only, and I will ship with tracking and insurance if you want it through USPS. Shipping fees will be paid for by the buyer.

    I have read these items cannot be shipped internationally, and so I will be unable to accept any international offers or buyers.

    (all photos property of the artist SkinnedFawxTaxidermy)

    If you are not interested but know someone who might be, please spread the word, as I am not a part of this community and I'm not sure where else to post this besides eBay or dA. Also the taxidermist who made the mount has apparently blacklisted me for originally offering to trade this mount with a rival, so if that person is still interested in purchasing it back from me for the price I am asking, I'd be open to it. Never meant to step on any toes. Its beautiful work.
  2. Beautiful fox! One of my favorites that Kris has done. If I wasn't leaving for Iceland this week and scrounging up change I'd totally snag him. Best of luck selling, I'll spread the word!