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I can get most of my customers to acknowledge their mount is ready in one minute

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by mark, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. Maybe this is old news to you taxi's that are smarter than me, but I have hit on something. For years I would contact customers and tell them their mount was ready, etc. The ones that did get back with me quickly (not many) would about always ask for a photo. Especially the young guys. I never had a good camera and rather than send them a crappy pic I would just refuse. And in the meantime I had to sit and wonder if he ever got my email or phone message. Weeks go by...

    Now I have a good 35mmm SLR, and its much easier to send a high quality photo to their cell phone. I send them a text, tell them what they owe, etc, then ask them to acknowledge the text and I will send them a photo. I am not exaggerating, 90% plus get back to me in less than a minute. They want that pic. Its amazing, and I KNOW they know its ready. So the clock is ticking for pick-up.

    Hope this helps somebody.

  2. I will surely try this. I usually wait a week or two then send a letter, but this is much quicker and Free.

  3. Jerry Huffaker

    Jerry Huffaker Well-Known Member

    We use text to communicate every day
  4. jjennings.m

    jjennings.m Member

    We automated this process in Taxidermy Direct® by sending emails. When you start a client’s job we will automatically send them an email informing them that you’ve started their trophy. This gives them some extra time to start planning pickup and final payment. When you finish the job we send them another email letting them know it’s ready for pickup and the amount due.
  5. I used to do emails too, even with a pic attached and I didn't get near the response as I do now. Not even close. Its the promise of a photo right away that makes them respond.