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Awesome Dealings with Mr. Bob Jungman

Discussion in 'Buyers and Sellers' started by FORTMEEKS, Jul 22, 2016.


    FORTMEEKS New Member

    Awesome dealing with Mr. Jungman! Birds were shipped from CA to NC and were only just getting warm (its 105* in the shade here). I can't wait to get to work on these specimens!

    Thank you Bob!
  2. Not everyone was so lucky.
    It's 105-109 here now so stuff is on hold.
    I did ship out 5 boxes of birds, & a couple missed
    the deadlines, & we're really spoiled.
    One to Deleware supposed to arrive on Thursday.
    It came the following Monday.
    Guess those birds were so spoiled, even the
    Almonds were no good.
    Good news I still have some practice birds ,
    So we can do it again.

    My job is to help you have more fun.

    Bob Jungman
    Fresno Ca.