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(UPDATED 8/4/16) Cleaning Freezers before Season (BT, MD, Rosey/Rocky Elk Capes

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Michelle_Nelson, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. Michelle_Nelson

    Michelle_Nelson Bring on the Bears!

    I do my absolute best to list any minor/major flaws I find, but I am human and I may have over looked a few. Expect normal repair work such as bullet holes and minor skinning cuts even if they are not listed. I don't save Capes unless I am willing and able to make the repairs and use them on my customers mounts.

    My capes will NOT come with big chunks or thick flesh left on the lips, nose, and around the eye. I take my time when prepping my capes for the salt and tannery. There should be minimal face prep work on these capes.

    Normally I post pictures of the capes I'm selling (feel free to refer to my old For Sale posts). The reason I haven't today is I just haven't had time to thaw them all and get pictures. I am going off the detailed notes I took after they came back from the tannery and I test fit and sized them before freezing.

    ALL Capes are WET TANNED and FROZEN unless stated otherwise.

    ALL Capes Pedestal Length unless stated otherwise.

    If you have questions Please ask me!

    You can either Message me on here, E-mail me ( [email protected] ), or call me (360) 704 - 0034. If you call and I don't answer please leave a message and I will get back to you.


    #136. . . Columbia Blacktail Cape. 20" behind ears X 23" swell (10th of November Hair)

    Test fit on Research Blacktail Form G-244-55-SW.
    *Has 2 scuffs under the chin (easy fix)

    Asking $225. . . INCLUDES shiping (lower 48)

    SOLD #282. . . . Columbia Blacktail Deer. 21" behind ears X 24 1/2" over the swell (23rd of October Hair)

    Test fit on a Research G254-55-SW. T-incision. Double White Patch.
    *Scar in white patch on front of neck where it bends, hair lays kinda wonky.
    *RT armpit is 7 1/2" (all there may need repaired depending on pose). LT armpit 9".
    *Small scar on top of muzzle, makes the hair stand up a bit.
    *Killed with archery gear 23rd of October. Had 2 small slug holes in neck where a muzzy guy didn't make a good shot. (easy fix)

    Asking $275. . . INCLUDES Shipping (lower 48)

    #422. . . . Columbia Blacktail Deer. 19"-20" behind ears X 22"-23" swell (22nd of October Hair) Not Pedestal length but will definitely fit a shoulder form.

    *My notes said tested on a 240 Series Research BT Form.
    *Half dozen small rubs/fight marks on front of neck (repairable), it's minor hair damage. One looks like a small slippage spot, I looked it over good and no additional hair was coming out (repairable). I doubt I would repair most of the rubs myself.
    *Brisket split 6-8" may not need to sew up that much (depending on form used)
    *Couple holes to sew (easy)
    *3"x3" Double White Patch
    *LT & RT Ear tip of ear has 3\8" split (easy fix) each ear has a couple 1/16" and 1/8" nicks

    Asking $175. . . INCLUDES Shipping (lower 48)

    #205. . . . Rocky Mountain Elk Cape. 11 3/4" -12" Eye to Nose, 28"-29" Neck (Middle of October Hair)

    No notes on this cape which usually means minor repairs such as bullet holes and possibly minor skinning cuts.

    Asking $325. . . INCLUDES Shipping (lower 48)

    #195. . . . Roosevelt Elk Cape. 11 3/4" x 28" (Middle of September Hair)

    No notes on this cape which usually means minor repairs such as bullet holes and possibly minor skinning cuts.

    Asking $325. . . INCLUDES Shipping (lower 48)

    #215. . . . Roosevelt Elk Cape. 12 1/4" Eye to Nose X 30"-32" Neck. (Early November Hair)

    * This cape is currently DRY TANNED so I am unable to get an actual neck measurment. But I guarantee it will go 30"-32".
    * Cape did not come off of a Bull with tons of mass.
    * Has roughly a 3"x3" rub on upper leg (easy repair).
    * The tip of one ear is split along the edge. Might be 1 1/2" in length (easy fix)
    * This cape has a couple minor skinning cuts in the brisket (easy fix)
    * This cape has been dry tanned for 3 years. I see no reason there would be a problem re-hydrating. If not spoken for as a dry tan I will be wetting it up by Friday.

    Asking $350. . . INCLUDES Shipping Dry, $375 INCLUDES Shipping Wet. (lower 48)
  2. donkeyman

    donkeyman Member

    Re: Cleaning Freezers to make room before Hunting Season (BT, MD, Rosey/Rocky Elk)

    Michelle tells it like it is - no surprises here - nice capes and good to deal with.

  3. Michelle_Nelson

    Michelle_Nelson Bring on the Bears!

    Updated list