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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by gamechanger, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. gamechanger

    gamechanger New Member

    Batches of 250 beetles each lot. For simplicity, we sell by the OZ. Each oz. contains 250 beetles. I have actually COUNTED the beetles, 1 BY 1. Each oz. is solid beetles, no material added to create that 1 oz. That will be 250 beetles in the adult size and all 3 larvae stages by volume. We always provide plenty of extra frass/eggs and bedding material which also contains thousands of eggs. We will make sure you get all the bonuses!
    The beetles are $50 per oz. A bargain compared to what most people charge for them!
    We also offer bulk discounts and in high quantities and of course, will include the shipping on larger orders. 10oz or larger.
    We sell beetles by the solid oz. Not an ounce of material. Many people sell by the oz. of total weight and it is really an oz. of material, some beetles + a lot of eggs. We provide a mix of adults and all 3 stages of larvae first to make that 1 oz. then add all the stuff that is the bonus material.
    RATE OF REPRODUCTION-Something to keep in mind when determining how many you want.
    In the reproduction system, 1 adult beetle can lay up to 6000 eggs. Thousands of eggs are in the frass we provide with each batch of beetles. You will see visible tiny baby beetle larvae within a couple of weeks of introducing your beetles to their enclosure. That is a huge bonus to you because when you order 1 oz. of beetles, you get 250 beetles and the frass which can and will produce thousands more beetles very quickly. You only need 3000 beetles to completely clean a deer skull within 7-10 days. You can easily have that within 3-4 weeks. With 250-500 beetles, you can have thousands of beetles active in your colony within 2-3 months. 30,000 will clean a deer skull in about 48 hours. It doesn't take long to get that many beetles. Buyer beware--don't buy more than what you might need in a months time. The beetle colony will double in size within 30 days. You have to feed them constantly so don't buy more than you are capable of feeding. YOU CANNOT RELEASE THE BEETLES INTO THE ENVIRONMENT if you have to many. These are imported from South Africa. To slow the reproduction, reduce temps and feed dog food.
    We ship in many forms. Temperature is not an issue right now as these insects are incredibly tolerant of variable temperatures. We ship within 3 days. We have 9 enclosures full of beetles because one of the divisions of my taxidermy business is skull cleaning. We do 350-175 European mounts (everything from fur bearing animals to moose, elk, bear and deer) per year so our beetles are healthy and active year round. We literally have millions. They ship well in the winter as well. These bugs do not freeze. They do not have blood, they have glycerin. They only stop moving and go dormant until the temperatures rise to at least 65. The higher the temps, the more active they are. I have actually put these bugs in the freezer and it DID NOT KILL them. Prime temp range for these bugs to actively eat is 83-87 degrees.

    Please fee free to contact us for your order directly
    [email protected]

    We can do pay pal invoices or take orders over the phone. We are happy to lend advice on how to get set up or answer questions.