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Pearl-Ex Duo Green-Yellow

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by warthog, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. warthog

    warthog Member of VVA and VFW

    If there is anyone out there that is looking for the yellow-green powder that Pearl-Ex used to make...look no more. Go to Jacquard.com...go to the close out section and you will come across a duo green-yellow. This is the same as duo yellow-green. I talked with the lady at Jacquard and she said that they found a lot of it buried in their warehouse. She also said that all of the 1 pound containers were gone. So if you want this...better get in gear...it will not last long.
  2. Kevin Halle

    Kevin Halle Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the heads up!!!

  3. Gary R

    Gary R Active Member

    Hey folks: [size=14pt]I AM PASSING ON AN IMPORTANT UPDATE[/size], from Dawn @ the Jacquard Company (that makes the Pearl Ex Powders):

    "Someone must have posted something about us still having some last minute / close-out supplies of the Duo Green Yellow. Please post online, to avoid any confusion, that due to the overwhelming orders, we ONLY have a few of the 1/2 ounce bottles remaining, and they are $7.99 each. Our website will still show we have other sizes available and this is NOT the case, due to all the orders today. We ONLY have a few of the 1/2-ounce bottles remaining, of Duo Green Yellow. Sorry for any confusion".

    *** I let Dawn know that a fellow forum member posted about the availability this morning, and that's where the influx of orders came from ***

    So just a head's up ladies and gentlemen: there are only a few bottles of the 1/2-ounce sizes remaining. Despite what you may see on their website checkout process.

    Hope this helps avoid any confusion! Thanks for the initial heads-up this morning, WAMP!