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Wildlife Gallery, input PLEASE!

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Michelle_Nelson, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Michelle_Nelson

    Michelle_Nelson Bring on the Bears!

    Who on here uses The Wildlife Gallery in Michigan?
    I would like to hear about your experience with them, Pro's and Con's.
    Would also like to know if you prefer the Alum or Synthetic Tan. Why?
  2. dcooper

    dcooper Member

    I've been using them, almost exclusively for the past 10 years or so. Various North American (deer, bears, etc.), African, exotics, small mammals, wet tan, dry tan. I can't say I've ever really had any issues with anything. Capes and hides come back clean and the turnaround time has been reasonable. This past winter they did seem to get backlogged however. I sent a hide in the latter part of February and I rec'd it the middle of August. A bear I sent in was rec'd on May 20th and entered the tanning phase today. It was originally estimated at 110-135 days, so by the time I get it, the estimated time will be off by a little but pretty close. Normally, they have a "Summer Special", where all capes/hides rec'd from Aug. 1st thru Sept 30th have a 30-45 day turnaround. That was cancelled this year, I can only assume the backlog prevented them from doing it. Early season, I can get capes back remarkably quick but as the season progresses the time also increases. I can't really think of anything that's come back from them that has the "swiss cheese" look to it either. Once in a while, you'll get something shaved too close but even that is more of a rarity. Any defects that I've had that were tannery related were relatively easy fixes. I have used other tanneries in the past but I'm comfortable with the product I'll get back from the WG and will continue to use them. I'm sure others may have had some issues, but so far so good for me.

  3. They are way far out this year, I have rams that have been there since March and just went to soak last week.
  4. critterstuffr

    critterstuffr New Member

    I use them exclusively and have for 15 plus years. I pay the extra for rush saervice I get them back wet tanned in 30-45 days. To me its worth the extra cost. Great company to deal with , good stretch on full size hides and capes. As I said I get everything wet tanned. When I receive them back pull them out stretch them for size, roll them up, back in the freezer and when the forms, eyes, and ear liners arrive thaw them out, sweat up in the frig over night and get to work.