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Degrease setup help

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by WolfGirl, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. So I finally got around to getting a decent degrease setup made. I got a water heater thermostat and element. I'm currently using a plastic tote. I drilled holes for the thermostat, drain, and element. I'm having issues getting it all to seal without leaking. Every sealer ive tried always just comes off the plastic and leaks water everywhere. I've tried bath and shower caulking, aquarium and marine sealant, and windshield urithane. Nothing works, its like it just doesn't want to stick to the plastic even though all are graded for plastic and under water use.
    So now I'm trashing this whole tote idea and I'm now thinking of maybe an old chest freezer. First off, how do I go about sealing it for the heat element and such? Also how would I make it weather proof? Id have to keep it outside with that large of a set up. I wouldn't want rain to get into the wiring and cause issues. Please could someone help me out here before I waist more money? I have to buy a new element, drain, and possibly thermostat cause idk how I'm going to get the urithane off :(
  2. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Not sure what kind of tote you were using. Did it have any flex to the sides? A chest freezer would be better due to the insulation it has. Put up a picture of what you have for a tote. The solution might be as simple as getting fittings from a plumber. You would use the metal fittings and then seal those.

  3. Like Seawolf said. It may be as easy as grommets and or compression fittings.
  4. They make oversize drain kits for the Rubbermaid stock tanks. It has a flange on each side, the plug screws into the flanges which pulls them together and seals. A hot water element can screw into those bung plugs as well. An option for sealing is black RTV. Not sure which tote you have but some that look like plastic or rubber are actually a poly foam which is hard to adhere to and can have issues with the heat from the element housing itself.
  5. I now have a chest freezer. However it has some rust on the inside. Should I seal it with something? I think this will be much easier to work with.
  6. Yep, definitely seal it. The rust will affect soaking skulls, just imagine the color of rust water, you don't want white skulls soaking in that. I'd wait for someone to suggest something they've used to know what will stand up to constant water, steam, and temp fluctuations. If nobody responds I'd first consider an apoxy, even something like a fiberglass resin would be a good bet. Past a resin, options could be a marine paint, an engine paint, and possibly even something like a spray on bed liner. But without trial, i wouldn't be confident with those last few lol.
  7. bucktown bugs

    bucktown bugs New Member

    My simple way i use is the single stove burners. I have five of them set up with a galv bucket. You can regulate the temp to be exactly what you need and i have a hi temp thermometer that clips on the side to see what temp is. I havent had any issues except for tripping circuit breakers when they are all on.
  8. chamonix

    chamonix Member


    This is helpful link.

    I used automotive gasket maker silicone.