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squirrel hide

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by sasukeuchiha, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. sasukeuchiha

    sasukeuchiha New Member

    this is the first time i have skinned something. i had found this squirrel that had been ran over by a car. rigor mortis hadnt set in once i found it, i went home to skin it and i had a problem. after i got all of the guts and stuff out. the meat(?) wouldnt come off of the skin.

    i salted it a bit over night to try to absorb the moisture to be able to pull it up easier and now i am scraping it with a knife to try to bring it up. is this the best way to do it? any help? ;o;
  2. 1stturkey

    1stturkey Member

    Salting only made your work more difficult...think beef jerky. Try washing off the salt, maybe inject a soapy solution under the skin and work slowly. Squirrels are tough to skin but the hide is pretty strong.

  3. fleshing is always easiest after the pelt is pickled, if you have tanning materials/plan on tanning the squirrel!

    but yeah you don't want the skin to be dry before fleshing.. after you get it rehydrated, try scraping with a scalpel blade. make a cut in the flesh (don't cut into the skin, go gently) that needs to come off the skin and start scraping kind of sideways so the blade is cutting the membrane between the flesh and skin but not the skin.

    i usually scrape some of the flesh so it's detached, grab a hold of the flesh, and rip it off by shoving my fingers into the membrane and pulling my hand/pushing my fingers. (though all of this is best after pickling, that is when i do it). the pulling thing probably won't work for an unpickled skin.

    squirrels are one of my favorite things to work on so i hope i've managed to be of some help!
  4. I flesh my squirrels on a fleshing beam with a muskrat scraper...I use borax as a DP and then mount