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European Mount For Moose

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by Dr.D., Oct 25, 2016.

  1. Dr.D.

    Dr.D. New Member

    I have a very nicely done Euro mount of a big bull moose head, but the guy that did the job left the business without providing a manner to hang it. I need to hang this dude on the wall without a plaque. I have no idea what kind of hanger to use and how to attach one so it'll be safe and secure. Anyone? Thanks.
  2. blindluck

    blindluck Active Member

    Not sure if you are interested in a skull hooker they display euros beautifully.

  3. Mountain Miike has a real nice idea, if you can look at the back of one of those skulls you can see that a hole was drilled in the base of the skull just in front of the spinal cord hole,
    then drill another smaller hole just above it, the size of the bolt shaft and then dremel the two together, the bone should be over 3/8 inch thick here and will hold the mount on the wall, I used a 5/16 x 7 lag bolt and screwed it 2 1/2 inches into a stud and left the rest to hang the moose skull on.
  4. I just wire through the back side of the skull and hang it on a hook. couldn't get any simpler.