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Anyone ever do this

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Kyboy900, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. Kyboy900

    Kyboy900 New Member

    I hope this is the right place for a question I have been wondering about i saw a guy saying the way he fixed the feet of game animals to make things like necklaces and keychains was to take the foot after he cut it off and got it cleaned was to put in in 70% rubing alcohol for 48 hours then let it dry in the sun until its dry then borxo that mixed in hot water and set the feet in it for 24 hours and they are ready to be used has anyone ever heard of or used this one or if you know one that is pretty simple I am really getting into making stuff from thing's leftover from trapping season thanks for the help
  2. Frank E. Kotula

    Frank E. Kotula master, judge, instructor

    Not to be a PR but we don't do that crap here, we do things the proper way. Sorry bit this is about tanning not snake oil work lol.

    All that is being done is preserving it but not protecting it from bugs or rot in time.

  3. shazza

    shazza New Member

    mixing up a big batch of tan to dry some rabbit feet is a waste of tan, especially since alcohol and borax works perfectly well for jewelry or keychains. it'll last ages as long as you don't get it wet or suddenly wind up with a dermestid colony living in your dresser somehow. sure it's not really a tanning related question, but it's probably the closest this forum has.

    anyway. the method you described is the most common way to do it and you'll be able to make keychains or jewelry with it just fine. i personally just soak things in alcohol and skip the borax, and i've never had any issue, but then again i only really do rabbit feet and ears, which have next to no meat. a friend of mine dried some bobcat feet with just alcohol, and they're fine, but anything bigger you probably should do the borax. you can pose them how you want them to dry as it takes a couple days after being taken out of the liquid to totally dry. it's a super simple and cheap method of using leftover animal parts.
  4. Venuswolf

    Venuswolf New Member

    Borax was probably used as a bug repellent. I've used it a couple of times and haven't had insect issues, so I'm assuming that's why this guy did it. Alcohol works very well for preserving bone though. Just be careful if you boil or bleach the bones as some are quite fragile and will break easier later. I prefer maceration and have to risk the smell because I don't have beetles, but skulls may fall apart if left in too long and the nails will disconnect from toes because they are held by tissue, not the bone itself.

    I prefer using strictly bones or strictly fur for projects, but that's my preference. I did squirrel feet once using alcohol and borax as an experiment (just for giggles) some time ago and it worked quite well. Lasted several years, though I'm not sure if I threw them out in the Spring with other experiments. I'll have to go check on that, and if I have them, I'll let you know how they look or post a picture.
  5. Ask 10 people and you will get 10 different answers, what i would do is the same as if i were mounting the full squirrel. Skin out inverting the hide all the way to the last joint on the toe and the cut it of at the joint. Throw the bones away, wash with Dawn dish wash soap and then dry really good. Dry preserve the inside of the skin and turn right side out, fill with clay and sew the top closed, then let it dry. The clay will get hard as a rock and it wont attract any bugs. But most importantly understand this is my opinion. Hope it helps.