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can't rinse out relaxer

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by shazza, Nov 24, 2016.

  1. shazza

    shazza New Member

    i'm tanning a couple rabbit hides using rittel's ez tan - i put them in rittel's hide relaxer until they were soft, as per instructions, but the fur on the hides is so thick it was impossible to get all of the relaxer out. it's like dish soap, just never stops making bubbles. i stood there for 5+ minutes rinsing them out and they still bubbled when i squeezed them. i was afraid i'd either end up pulling out hair from trying to squeeze the relaxer out, or i'd get a crick in my back and not be able to walk the rest of the day, so i just mixed a pickle and put them in. they were still a bit 'soapy', and bubbles formed on the surface of the pickle.

    long-winded explanation aside, is this detrimental? i plan on dumping the pickle out and re-mixing more just to try and get as much of the suds out as possible, but i'd hate them to slip or not tan properly because i just couldn't get the relaxer rinsed out.
  2. Bruce_Rittel

    Bruce_Rittel Consultant Services

    Assuming you are using my Relaxer (formerly RD-601) from TASCO - it should be mixed 1 Oz. (by weight) to 1 Gl. of Water when you use it. Or you can simply use 3 level Tablespoonfuls ( = 1 Oz.) of it, to 1 Gl. of Water. Whichever is easier. I've never observed this "Bubbly" effect you mentioned in your Post. In fact, I liked the product because it always seemed to rinse free, with no residual, after Relaxing in it. Check the way you mixed it up? The same as the instructions say? Or differently?

  3. shazza

    shazza New Member

    it's the 'ultra-soft' relaxer (apparently US-609) - followed the directions in the tanning kit to use it as it was suggested to use it if my hides didn't relax all the way in a brine, which some previous hides didn't so i decided to try the relaxer. 4 tablespoons of relaxer per gallon of water used is what the paper said to use, and what i did use.

    it works great, no complaints there, but i've noticed the bubbles every time i've used it - twice now. the last hides i did though were rabbits with short/thin fur so it rinsed out very easily and i never really thought much of it. the rabbits in the pickle now are very prime show rabbits with super thick fur like a cat, and they retain a ton of liquid