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Why was my for sale post removed?

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by randyone, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. randyone

    randyone New Member

    Posted on 11/18 and ttt on 11/24 as per the 7 day bump - now the post is gone! WHY???
  2. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    Your post was not removed...but your 6 day bump was. We also delete all comments people post on for sale posts. I moved this post to the wanted section, and out of the for sale section. Good luck buying and selling.

  3. randyone

    randyone New Member

    Gee 11/18 - 11/24 seems to be 7 days!
  4. Dark Man

    Dark Man Active Member

    6 day bump,18-24th is 6 days not 7,or did you not read that?
  5. randyone

    randyone New Member

    Let's see...18 - 19 - 20 - 21 - 22 - 23 - 24.......Guess you need to learn how to count Darkman before you open your mouth
  6. Dark Man

    Dark Man Active Member

    Didnt open my mouth,I typed genius.You wanted to know why you got dropped and yox answered your question,because he saw it as 6 days.Yet you still press on.You posted on the 18th,let it run 7 full days then bump it up on the 25th.Dont get so worked up and be all mr Internet tough guy.your question as to why your post was removed was answered,twice.just leave it be
  7. R.J. Meyer II

    R.J. Meyer II Member

    You go Randy........................I find it's always a good idea to piss off the Moderator....................................I think its kinda like second day air, you don't count the shipping day, because if you did it would be overnight....................... :-X
  8. randyone

    randyone New Member

    Not trying to piss off anyone but the RULES say 7 days clearly and the RULES do not say post 7 days and bump on the 8th day - it states clearly 7 days, so it is confusing. Maybe the moderators need to post rules that are clear instead of interpretive to their own agenda! This is the first post I've ever done and I read the RULES before posting or bumping. I made every effort to follow the rules here.
  9. sundari

    sundari Love cats of all species!

    Well here goes the explanation.
    Let us say you posted something at 1pm on the 18th.

    1pm 18th - 1pm 19th is 1 day
    1pm 19th - 1pm 20th is 2 days
    1pm 20th - 1pm 21st is 3 days
    1pm 21st - 1pm 22nd is 4 days
    1pm 22nd - 1pm 23rd is 5 days
    1pm 23rd - 1pm 24th is 6 days
    1pm 24th - 1pm 25th is 7 days

    So after 1pm on the 25th is 7 days.

    So therefore if you bumped on the 24th that is only 6 days. It really doesn't have to be this difficult. Just add 7 to whatever day it was originally posted and you will be fine.
  10. Not to mention rule #16 you have broken

    16. Post Removal. When a post has been removed by a moderator, do not make a new post about the removed post. Any post referencing a removed post will also be removed, and repeated violations will result in account suspension.
  11. mmwtdh

    mmwtdh Member


    If you post on Wednesday at 1:00 pm, you can bump Wednesday at 1:01 pm.

    Pretty simple.
  12. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    Nope. If you post on the 18th, you can bump 7 days later, not by the millisecond, or sundial even. Seven days later. On the 25th. But no worries, I like his spirit for trying, and as well, you all for explaining it to him, right or wrong. And for what its worth, Randy is a good guy, so hes not pissing any mods off. Now, I do edit a ton of folks for going six days, or for even posting additionally just hours later. I edit even more for multiple for sale posts in the same day...Im a nice guy though, for a mod anyway, and try to leave the post thatll make them the most money, and delete the lesser ones! Oh, and I delete a butt load of comments in the for sale section...a-hem...One last thing, we do post very clear rules. Most everyone reads and obeys them just fine, theyre right at the top of the heading, and also to the top right of the taxidermy.net page, under "Rules".