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good garment tannery needed

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by AFTHUNT, Dec 4, 2016.


    AFTHUNT Well-Known Member

    I have been using Moyle for over 10 years and for over a year now their lead times are out 7 months Which they say is because the trappers are sending everything in to be tanned till market goes back up. Which it is what it is but i don't like that they don't care about the customer that has been with them for years all i get on the phone is rude and too bad so sad attitude :mad: on the other end of the line. So it is time to find another quality tannery to send my work to!

    Ok i'm done with my rant.

    I'm wondering who has good garment tanning with a reasonable turnaround times?Thanks
  2. I agree I used them for years ,paid for rush service still took 4months and no refund for the rush fee ,I am also looking elsewhere.

  3. OfSoulandSin

    OfSoulandSin Member

    It is a bummer-I've only used Moyle's a short time, and they had done great except on the last batch I sent in, for some reason they punched my fox on the hind quarter, as well as the forehead so it was ruined. I got mine back in a timely fashion, but only with the 40 day rush paid. My friend used to dump off boatloads of furs to them for garment tanning, but the turnaround times have been almost a year for him, and he has started using Fur for Fun for garment tanning, and it seems like a really nice job. They did a few of my hides, and they came out great/can't complain. Not as thinly shaved as moyles, but just as soft and nice of leather. I think it took him 3-4 months to do turnaround time wise, but I sent mine in with my buddies hundreds of furs, so it might be quicker if you have less.
  4. JL

    JL Taxidermist for 64 years

    I have used Sivco tannery for my fur tanning. So far they have been great. JL
  5. HunterJohnson

    HunterJohnson Active Member

    North Country Fur & Tannery LLC 701-852-9350 the garment prices are low and great turn around .