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Pickle IFFIE cape

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Wild zone, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. Wild zone

    Wild zone New Member

    I have a question for old shaver . I have "studied" the archives from 2016 back to 2005 and have learned much from each of you . I am in the process of mounting my first deer . I have already bought supplies and just my luck , the first one is an IFFIE cape . It's not slipping as of yet but the hunter "rode" it around in the back of his truck a few days and it makes me nervous !! I remember reading where Oldshaver said on an IFFIE cape to add alum in the pickle to set the hair . I can't find this as I have searched , so I joined your forum so I could ask him this question . What is this formula please and I have already bought TRUEBOND 1000 to use for the tan .. I would also like to say hello to you all . Including Oldshaver , cyclone, houndoggy, sorry about a Glen , hogheaven , George , mr brown from Texas , uncle joe sorry can't remember your name right off but you always say that you miss your old friend Glen. So hi to you and all the good people on this net !!