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Looking for someone to articulate a Cougar Skeleton for me in Oklahoma!

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by sundari, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. sundari

    sundari Love cats of all species!

    Hello I live in Oklahoma, and I recently acquired an adult female cougar Skeleton. It is currently being cleaned at Skulls Unlimited. However they want almost $3000 to articulate it. So I was wondering if there was anyone else in Oklahoma that had the skill required to articulate it for me but for a cheaper rate. I know a lot of work goes into it and that I don't want the work done too cheaply and have it fall apart in a year.

    I thought about doing it myself but I'm not really the artistic type and might mess it up. I don't want my first time Articulating a skeleton to be my pride and joy. I would prefer someone that lives close, I don't want to ship the Skeleton. I would be willing to drive almost anywhere in the state.

    Keep in mind I'm looking to have this started no earlier than say February / March. As it's still being cleaned and I also need to save back for the Articulation.

  2. I've never articulated a cougar skeleton but how many man hours would go into an articulation? And what are they charging per hour ?

  3. not that I am interested in doing it but you did not mention if it has claws or not
  4. sundari

    sundari Love cats of all species!

    Skullcollector - I have no experience with Articulation so I have no clue as to how many hours it would take and they didn't qoute the number of hours or per hour rate. They just charge a flat rate for a skeleton that size.

    Skullery- The Skeleton didn't come with claws but I'm hoping to acquire a set before Articulation. I want it as complete as possible.

    My guess would be that it depends on your skill level and familiarity with the species!

    Thanks for the interest!