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Elk form

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by ozzy49938, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. Need some advice. Just got in an Elk form. I got everything mocked up and I need another 5 inches of wall clearance. What is the best way to get the extra room. Thanks.
  2. dcooper

    dcooper Member

    What type of form - semi sneak, etc.? Can you cut a wedge near the atlas and change the angle of the head? Most antler clearance poses have a head that is at a slight downward angle compared to the standard form.

  3. Is a semi sneak. Client wants the head up. This is why I didn't go with the extra clearance form he didn't like it. Head to far down. Its a nice elk, but not a giant. Never would of thought it would be a problem or I would of tried harder to talk hinm into a different pose. So in short if possible don't want to alter the head position. Thanks for the response.
  4. Tip the antlers forward. Only option if the customer wants the head up. Or add some habitat/shadow box/rock so you can hang it 4" off the wall
  5. Paul B

    Paul B Active Member

    Another option is to cut the back of form off and taper or wedge the form so the lower brisket area is shorter then the top of form dropping the nose lower but giving you antler clearance. Cut a little at a time until the antlers clear, reinstall back board. You may only have to taper the lower brisket area an inch as the angle change will be a lot at the top.
  6. If you cheat the antler angle just a bit, should gain a couple inches at the tips. If you wedge the back board, none at the bottom and a inch at the top, probly gain the extra you need to clear the wall. I normally run a straight edge up the backboard anytime I am close to the wall.