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Whitetail mount ?

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by cw12211, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. cw12211

    cw12211 New Member

    Ok so the person that I got the pelt from cut all the way up the breast what's the best way to fix it where it looks good. Also it is a very old deer with a lot of grey when it was killed the nose pads was sort of grey and around the eyes was somewhat grey if I paint the nose black and the eyes brown it's not gonna look right what should I do ?
  2. The are a bunch of tutorials on sewing, look for one using a whip stitch and sew the brisket up before mounting. the color I use on the nose is paynes grey, nose pad grey and natural flesh and you adjust according to the reference picture that you have on the deer, I always take a bunch of pictures as soon as it is defrosted if it is a deer where the colors are a little different then that of my normal scheme. Same with the eyes there are a bunch of different shades of brown, I like Coco brown. This is my preference and I hope it helps.

  3. Ihntdeer

    Ihntdeer Member

    For the nose and eyes you need to layer the colors to get a natural effect there are lots of ways to get the effect your looking for but straight black on the nose and brown on the eyes wont get you there

    this is the way that I have done it using water based paints


    1. Start off with white all around the eye (once the eye is dry) use a old toothbrush and brush around the same area to get the paint out of the hair
    2. use flesh and spray under the eye (once dry lightly scrub with tooth brush)
    3. use rich brown and lightly spray around the eye till you get the coloration you are looking for (once dry lightly scrub with tooth brush)
    4. use dark brown to accent the eye lids


    1. paint the whole nose flesh (once dry lightly scrub with tooth brush)
    2. put a light wash of mars red (50/50 paint to water) wipe off the nose immediately so the red is only in the cracks between the nodules
    3. this is where I would rebuild the nodules using modge podge. I tint the modge podge with a mixture of black and flesh paint till I get the color I want
    4. usually the modge podge dries darker than color it was when wet.
    5. use a mixture of black and flesh 50/50 and lightly mist from the top of the nose pad down to the lipline. gradualy fading from the top down. you want to be able to see a little more flesh closer to the lipline
  4. Sew the brisket up prior to mounting, plenty of hair to hide a well sewn seam.
  5. Jeff Dufour

    Jeff Dufour Thanks to all USA Veterans and all you have done!

    try practicing your sewing and then try to do it better to be safer than to be sorry in the end