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First Coyote - Please Critique!

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Libitina, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone, I just finished my first coyote mount today. He's still very fresh so I can still make alterations, so please give me your honest critiques/advice. I personally do a lot of very small animals for novelty mounts. I trained with Amy Carter a few months ago and finished a bobcat with her. On my own, I've only done a grey fox and this coyote for larger animals. I know I still need a lot of practice, and I know this mount is certainly not perfect, but I'm happy with him for being a beginner. I know the ears and eyes are off... I did use a lot of reference photos and looked through the forum extensively. Amy had taught me how to do the bondo ears, so that's what they are made of. I definitely need more practice doing them. This mount came out a lot better than my fox did, so I was a bit happier with it. I guess all comes with more time... anyway, please let me know what I can do to alter this and make it better. All is appreciated!!!






  2. Talltinelee

    Talltinelee Member

    Looking good. Back brush from tail to head or use air compressor to blow it all forward. It will really fluff/soften him up.

  3. step back and compare the eyes. Work them until they are the same shape and size. Upper lip on his right side is noticeable bigger than the left. It could be from the form, always check the head and face for symmetry prior to mounting. Good start, if you fix a few of the issues now, will look much better.
  4. Thank you both of you! I already fluffed him up a bit more and it really helped. I've been adjusting the eyes throughout the day and feeling better about it, and adjusted the muzzle like you pointed out. Thank you!
  5. Load the picture of his eyes on your phone. Load a picture of a live coyote on a lap top and compare. Make adjustments from that comparison. I find that when I think I have the eyes nailed if I take a picture and expand it I can see my mistakes more clearly.
  6. Thanks Dave - that's a great idea!! Going to to give a try.
  7. Grizz208

    Grizz208 New Member

    Looking good! Some fluffing and just keep adjusting as it dries and your on your way to a good looking mount.
  8. jockamoe

    jockamoe New Member

    Did you Split the Lips and Nose? it does not appear so.
    I use a small Air Compressor and Hose to Fluff up and lift the Hair matted in the under coat. works great.
  9. Take him outside and shampo, then dry..