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White Winged Dove

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by WildAboutFowl, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. Does anyone have any fresh White Winged Dove in the freezer.
    I need a few ASAP!

    Wild About Fowl
  2. It is a shame that the last time I gifted you some white wings and even paid for the shipping you never found the time to even call and say thank you. You could have had the same gift again if you would have been grateful!

  3. Brian

    Brian Active Member

    Marty,this is the reason I stopped gifting myself.i see people wanting ducks all the time on here and sad to say but I'd rather watch them get breasted for jerky and thrown in a pile for the coons and foxes to enjoy.i love this site but the bird whores on here are the most self centered ungrateful people I've ever delt with.i watched over 20 oldsquaw get breasted this weekend and I cringed watching them get thrown into the woods.but it's not worth my time to help ungrateful people.i used to love gifting .
  4. Dear Oldmantwo:

    I sincerely apologize. My memory sucks. I can't remember yesterday.
    Allow me to say thank you now and I appreciated your generosity
    even though I don't remember it. Over the last several years I have
    had a lot personally going on. I lost both of my parents, several
    family members, as will as friends. I know all others face the same
    thing. I am truly very sorry. Forgive me! Thank you from the bottom
    of my heart for sending me what you did.