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Home Tanned Moose Hide, Re-hydrate and hair removal?

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by RunaRoo, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. RunaRoo

    RunaRoo New Member

    Hello, Yes A new newbie here.
    So as an eager beaver to learning to tann at home I jumped in with both feet starting with one of the hardest skins to tan (apparently) and too much at once..
    My sister and I got a immature bull this fall and I took the skin home eager to try to tan it.
    I did with hair on. I did a Alum/salt soak and instead of doing one small piece at a time. (we quartered it in the field so I had 4 Giant skins to work with, I had them frozen and thawed at the same time.. Grown.. Mistake #1)
    So in a rush to get them all processed and done, I fleshed them and ended up with a not so bad finished product with hair on.

    Now like buyer regret there are a few things I want to make but its better with buckskin, (Hair Off) They are stiff as a board which would be fine as a garnish on a artsy project but now with ALL this harry skin that is Not nice to make a furry hat from My question is.. CAN I re-hydrate the skin and be able to remove the hair then rework it to a state of buck skin?
  2. I have never tried doing that before. But what you could do is cut off a small piece and try it to see if it will work, if it does great, if not, you don't lose everything. Maybe someone else has a better idea?