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Starting business

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by ugafanman, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. ugafanman

    ugafanman New Member

    I'm planning on hopefully trying to get started this coming hunting season doing whitetail shoulder mounts. Not trying to start out to big being as I'm just going to be trying to get my name out and whatnot. I have to buy my equipment though. I've made a list of things I would need to get started. I'm probably not going to invest in a fleshing machine and all at this time. This will come down the road if the business does well and I have a good amount of work. I plan on sending hides to tannery to begin with. Ive came up with a price of around $1,500-$2,000 with some of the things I already have on hand. Am I close on my price? And what supply houses would you all recommend as far as ordering tools?
  2. Paul B

    Paul B Active Member

    You can get most if not all the hand tools you would need from a Hobby Lobby, Michaels or art supply stores. Mounting stands and a few specific tools that are taxidermy only related are all you would need from supply companies. Shaving beams and small hand beams can be made, best one I have is a small wooden base ball bat with the handle knob cut off and rounded. Small side is perfect for nose and eye skiving, big end for overall head and ear butt work. I have 4 stands, 3 from supply companies, 1 custom made which is the strongest and best made. Their prices are all about the same, choose which ever is closet to you for shipping cost.

  3. Try looking on craigslist, there are usually taxidermists selling off stuff because they are retiring. I got a fleshing machine for 50 bucks off of there. It works great to. Never can tell what you may find, just keep looking.
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  4. Grizz208

    Grizz208 New Member

    First of all congrats! Stay positive and focused and you will do great! You can get alot of your supplies from local store around as mentioned above. But if you do get stuff from a supplier try and do it in one big instead of a couple small ones. Save on shipping cost.
  5. woakley144

    woakley144 Active Member

    I found alot of my tools on eBay, and as Paul B said always check Hobby Lobby, Micheal's, & Jo Ann's I made my fleshing beam out of 12" PVC pipe, and use it on my mounting stand (that I made myself) Join your state association look at what the seminar presenters are using and take pictures of them, and make those tools. Jake Carter uses a flattened screwdriver that is bent for a lip tucking tool, just one example.

    Also go to the Tutorials / Re: Deer Head Skinning Fixture for one-man shops (Usage pictures added). George Roof posted this and was one of the best things I ever used in my shop!!!!!!
  6. joeym

    joeym Old Murphey

    I started with a Boy Scout knife, needle and thread from my mothers sewing case, and a box of Borax. It's the determination you have inside, not the tools you have on the outside that will make you a successful taxidermist.
  7. rogerswildlife

    rogerswildlife Rogers Wildlife Taxidermy Tommy Rogers

    Well said Joey !
  8. 3bears

    3bears Well-Known Member

    A good pair of running shoes, to run away from this crap. Na just kidding, you may find that you have most of what you need to mount deer already. I mounted my first dozen deer with a sharp knife, an exacto blade and sandpaper. I used flooring adhesive for glue and air dry potters clay. I ordered mounting kits from Van Dykes and went for it.
  9. whitetails and fish only

    whitetails and fish only Well-Known Member

    Start out with just the basic stuff you need and add to it as you go along. If you buy a lot before you have much experience you may get things you will never use, if that makes sense?
  10. KatieC

    KatieC Active Member

    Hahaha, yes! Get ready to work your butt off for not much money.
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  11. Wanna be filthy stinking rich??? Become a taxidermist and you'll have two out of three covered!! lol
  12. ugafanman

    ugafanman New Member

    Thanks for all of the input. Just didn't want to get into a position where I didn't have something I needed. Want to make sure I'm prepared.
  13. NaturallyWild

    NaturallyWild New Member

    Your figure is probably close. I used amazon prime for most of my start up tools. I'm up in Alaska and shipping charges are crazy. Also check ebay, craigslist, and facebook sale pages in your area. At times you'll find good deals from taxis upgrading their tools or going out of business.
  14. woakley144

    woakley144 Active Member

    Something else....As you get into the sport....you'll find that there are tools that you can't buy....so make them. I have come up with a fleshing board out of 12" PVC pipe, one that I can flesh the ears on and custom made tucking tool..... things you can't find anywhere for sale......
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  15. Trophyracks307

    Trophyracks307 New Member

    This sounds amazing, do you happen to have a picture of it?!
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  16. woakley144

    woakley144 Active Member

    Here are some of the tools I use every day at my shop. IMG_0427.JPG IMG_0429.JPG IMG_0431.JPG IMG_0432.JPG IMG_0433.JPG IMG_0436.JPG
  17. Trophyracks307

    Trophyracks307 New Member

    Wow!!! Thank you so much for even taking the time to reply! Also, the lightbulbs are genius!! The only thing I can’t immediately figure out a use for is the last image, some type of cradle? Much appreciation from this Wyoming gal, my dad taught me to be resourceful and to make tools whenever possible, and seeing a few of these is so helpful to me. Thanks again, and have the best holiday season
  18. woakley144

    woakley144 Active Member

    That "rack" is a caping stand...It makes caping a head when your a one person operation so much easier... and when you remove the skull cap... well your cuts will be straight....

    I can't take credit for this one..... George Roof came up with the idea for it. The plans are in the tutorial section of the site.

    Re: Deer Head Skinning Fixture for one-man shops (Usage pictures added). George Roof posted this and was one of the best things I ever used in my shop!!!!!!
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