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Excellent dealings with opposum hunter

Discussion in 'Buyers and Sellers' started by Simms Creek Taxidermy, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. I sold Josh Kerl some stuff and he paid very quickly. If anybody ever buys or sells anything to him you can do so with complete confidence.
  2. rmann

    rmann Member

    ?????? I'm still waiting on a small sum on a transaction, so was confusing for me to see this also,

  3. FrontierFurs

    FrontierFurs Member

    Unfortunately I've not had such good dealings. Opossum hunter/Joshua Andrew/Joshua Kerl still owes me $95 on shipping a large deer head from a few years back. (Nowadays I ALWAYS ask for payment before shipping but back then I was younger and not thinking that way - but anyway, his debt to me still exists) He won't respond to any of my messages/Paypal reminders and yet is still on here and Facebook trying to do business with people. So its not as if he doesn't have the money. Its quite frustrating. At this point I've marked it down as a loss and put him on my "red flag" list.

    But to Joshua, if you are reading this, please have the decency to respond and pay back what is owed. Thank you.
  4. I just recently had a bad dealings with Opossum Hunter as well. Purchased two rabbits from him over a month ago but never received them. Now he is not returning any of my emails. Luckily I used Paypal and I am now waiting on them to return my money. Its not a lot of money but it really is unsettling that we have people on here that continue to not deliver the agreed upon items and yet they are allowed to continue to sell.

    Moderators! Way can you not issue a warning of some kind to people that have a number of bad dealings? place them in some kind of suspension from selling for a set amount of time?
  5. dog sick

    dog sick Member

    he got me too. bought a skunk from him paid with paypal they sent the money back. it a real sham you try buy something then that seller stick you. then you got to chase your money
  6. Jeff Dufour

    Jeff Dufour Thanks to all USA Veterans and all you have done!

    ive heard alot about this guy and not much good news
  7. That really sucks, sorry about that.
  8. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    Well, we have a category dedicated to good buyers and sellers, and bad buyers and sellers. That IS your warning. Im thinking that your thought is, "who has time to read all these to see who the bad guys are"...yes, I agree...I dont have the time as the moderator, either! Good luck, and always check these posts before buying. Or come here to this category and ask about a seller or buyer. Sound good?
  9. Bill, Your correct...no one has the time to sit and try to identify each account and suspend people that are not dealing professional. Is there a current policy with in this site that allows you as the moderator to ban somebody? I would think that after a number of complaints that you, or other moderators, could ban somebody. I have purchased and sold many items on this site and 99.9% of these transactions go off with out a problem.. its just a pain when someone is using it to take advantage of those of us that are trying to be as trustworthy as possible....
  10. cedarhill

    cedarhill Member

    Josh kerl a well known poacher, ebay name thisonth is trappingfortaxidermy his phone number is 6084025780 good lick he is a skullz bag thief