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Deer eyes with dried Apoxie Clay

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by HunterArchery, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. Have a question. I'm currently working on a taxidermy project and how to change out forms with a set of antlers to a larger form for a better mount. As I was removing the antlers all set from the smaller form to the larger form the glass size that I had mounted in Clay fell out. Of course the Clay is hard and dry and these are expensive Joe Meder Glass size that I'd really rather not have to throw out and waste. Is there anyway possibly to soften this Clay and remove it without damaging these glass eyes at this point?
    Or is there no way to get that Clay out without damaging these eyes now
  2. Just get a couple of wet paper towels or an old wash cloth and wet it down. Lay the eyes down on a table and put the towel over the clay and eyes. It should soften enough to remove the eyes in about an hour.

  3. Well actually I soak them in water overnight and they're still not soft or appear ready to come out.
  4. You could take a dremel tool with a sander and sand the clay off.
  5. App i.e. Clay if that is what you used is and epoxy and drie s through a chemical process. Water will not soften.. if you used critter clay, then yes water will soften.