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Rick you tick me off....

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by 8Point, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. 8Point

    8Point Member

    I'm watching your DVD for the 50th time right now and you make me more ticked every time at how easy you make it look to make such an awesome mount! Thanks for sharing your tallent..... I learn something new every time..... :)
  2. I know! Doesn't he though? I watch his 2 DVD Whitetail Mounting set every time I do a new deer being new to this! It's a great help! I love it!

    I systematically work in the order HE shows us and does in the DVD's and I can pause it and do some work, start it up again when ready to move on to the next task, or rewind and watch it again and again if need be to get it right!

    It's a awesome teaching tool and until I memorize it in it's entirety it's a great teaching and learning tool!

    Thanks for such a thorough easy to comprehend set Rick!

    Nicely done!

  3. Korn123

    Korn123 New Member

    I like this video too.
  4. Woody woodman

    Woody woodman New Member

    Rick who and what are
    these videos????
  5. fish stuffer

    fish stuffer Active Member

    Woody, Rick Carter "whitetail deer A-Z" video. Mckenzie supply. I loaned mine out to my best customer. I'll probably loose him. Great video.
  6. It's one of the best and most thorough Whitetail DVDs I've seen yet. As a hobby taxidermist and a beginner I play it as I work,
    Pause the DVD, then do exactly to the best of my ability of what Rick shows and explains, and I keep doing this on and off until dawn.
  7. boogger47

    boogger47 Member

    Rick Carter is the man.
  8. Do you guys uses all the skin prep products that Rick uses in his video?