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Patrick Walbaum/ Specialty Wood Products Elkhorn, WI -

Discussion in 'Buyers and Sellers' started by Amy, Mar 26, 2017.

  1. Amy

    Amy Mammal artist

    **** I would like to update this story and let everyone know that this morning on 4/3/17 I received a money order for the amount I was owed, from Patrick Walbaum. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Patrick finally did the right thing and returned my money. That is all I can say. Make your own decisions about who to deal with in the future but I am squared with Patrick after 9 months and we can move on. ****

    After a conversation with Ryan Olson describing a similar experience, I decided to post this here after much deliberation. I wanted to share what has been a drawn out, absolutely terrible experience with a driftwood seller. I don't believe this individual posts or sells here on the forums, but they do have a listing on the Taxi.net suppliers list and they had a display at the 2015 World Show. This is a long winded post but bear with me!

    One post regarding them, from way back in 2011, can be viewed here on the net:


    Formerly known as G&P Drifters, I've heard that the business name is changed periodically so that the negative connotations with the past company arent recognized.

    Bill Neuman of Bismark, ND was taken for thousands of dollars by this individual. I called Bill and we had a long talk. It's not good.

    This regards a "company" called
    "Specialty Wood Products"
    Patrick Walbaum
    W5466 Barley Rd, Elkhorn, WI 53121


    On page 8 of their "gallery" on their page, it features some of my mounts. I do NOT endorse this seller. You will see many mounts from many prominent names in taxidermy in their galleries. I'd be curious to know of their dealings with them. Many may have purchased wood at taxidermy shows from him, risk free.. But when it comes to pre-purchasing an order of wood ... BEWARE.....

    I had met him briefly at the World Show 2015 and seen the wood (it was nice) and on the way back from the World Show, they were looking to unload the leftover wood that hadn't sold, so they called me and asked it I was interested. We arrived at a good price, his wife delivered the wood, I paid and all was well. I was happy with my purchase.

    Fast forward to june of 2016. I was in need of another load of wood. I contacted Patrick and we agreed on a price ($2400) for a large amount. I asked him when he could deliver, and he said within the next month. I told him I thought it might be best if I just got back with him sometime in July, since I was leaving out of town for a couple weeks on July 9th and I wanted to make sure I would be there when the wood came through. He said, NO! We will deliver it before the 9th! Pay your deposit, I promise it WILL be there before you leave. He didn't want me to call him back when I got back in town... he wanted a 50% deposit THEN, and he assured the wood would be delivered before the 9th. Words like "I PROMISE" were used. One of his favorite words, I came to find.

    So I paid the 50% deposit to him ($1200) of 6/13/16 out of my debit card (LESSON LEARNED) and waited. He told me it would likely deliver the week before I left. I called him the week before, and he said everything was on track. Two days before my trip, on 7/7/16, I haven't heard a word so I call again. He says they're coming the next day! I said, that's pushing it close but ok, as long as you're there by the 9th! On the 8th I don't hear anything ... I call... he says, they're having truck trouble! The truck is broken down! Imagine that .... he says he can be there by 10am on the 9th, But I had already told him I was to be leaving early that morning and at this point, I'm not really believing any of these promises, so I'm not about to go and push my departure date later for this. I said, listen, I don't mind waiting... can you just deliver my wood after I get back? Late july/august? He says, NO PROBLEM!

    So I let a month elapse and in august I call and say, I'm ready to have my wood delivered, feel free to deliver it any time, I'm not going anywhere! He says awesome, Let me coordinate a truck, It will be delivered in a few weeks!

    In September, I have to call him back ... More excuses... More promises that the wood will deliver in a few weeks.

    Every month continued like this. I started to feel like I was really being played, Like he thought I was just a little girl he could sweet talk into anything. He's a silver tongued devil .. "Amy.... Do you think I would not follow through on my promises? This is premium driftwood I've hand picked for you... It's all here... It's all on the truck ready to go... It will be delivered and you will be so happy!"


    In October, when he played the same story over again, I told him "Ok Patrick, I really want what I ordered -- I don't want to ask for a refund -- but If you call me in November, I'm going to ask for my money back because It's been too long". He said he totally understood, and the wood would be delivered!

    In November, he calls with the same line of excuses and I say "Ok, Well I just want a refund, you remember what I told you". He said he would get a check out to me next week.

    After about three weeks, No Check, I call back and he says he doesn't have the money. That he is going to have to see if he can borrow money from his business partner. What?? He said Amy, you know how business goes! Money in, money out.. that's a lot of money! I'm baffled at this point. I'm sorry, if your business is running on less than $1200 in the bank, that's scary.

    More weeks elapse. A series of phone calls, texts. He tells me he shouldnt have to pay me back the full $1200 because "his credit card company charged him a sizable fee when he ran my card". OH MY, That was really something else! Are you serious!

    My husband got on the phone with him and Patrick was in such a frenzy that he couldn't even get a word in edgewise. This man was losing his marbles, cursing and carrying on! The last thing my husband heard before Patrick hung the phone up on him was "You'll hear from my lawyer!" .. Which is quite hilarious because, why would we hear from a lawyer? Patrick stole my money but a lawyer is going to .... what?

    So on the topics of lawyers, I go inquire into getting one of my own and I threaten Patrick with legal repercussions (You know, real ones) and after another week of go-arounds I guess he gets pretty nervous and he ends up (hallelujah) wiring $900 into my bank account.

    Why $900 and not $1200? Beats me. I say well thank you, but that's not the full amount. He says he will send me the last $300 in a couple weeks.

    That was December and this is where we still stand. Several more phone calls and lies have happened since then, but I'm still out $300 and I dont care if it is $3 or $30000, lies are lies and that's what this whole thing was built upon. Patrick wont even return my messages any more. Screw me, I guess... it looks like he is on to the next victim.

    Patrick told me that if I told this story that he would tell "the other side"... LOL .. Well I honestly can't think of what his side could be. I think he has made himself believe that "I wasn't there when the wood was to be delivered, therefore ......" ... our transaction is null and void ?? He won't come on here and post, as he is very, very weak ... He couldn't deal with me calling him out on the phone, let alone my husband.. that's why his reaction was to hang up the phone. He can't handle confrontation. Lie, lie, lie your way out of it and buy yourself a few more weeks...

    I know this was long winded but since I'm pretty darn sure I'll never get my $300 back, I'm going to leave this here so that others will be warned !!!
  2. ryanolson72

    ryanolson72 Active Member

    Re: Patrick Walbaum/ Specialty Wood Products Elkhorn, WI - Multiple people scammed

    Thanks Amy, same here other than I sniffed him out a little quicker than you. He has been dragging me along for a month with my deposit for a week. My load was supposed to be delivered Saturday and he sent me a picture of a pile of wood saying that it's still in the works. Avoid this guy at all costs. Thankfully I paid with a cc and I will file a claim Monday.

  3. Amy

    Amy Mammal artist

    Re: Patrick Walbaum/ Specialty Wood Products Elkhorn, WI - Multiple people scammed

    Yeah, I guess I'm just a dummy, but I give people the benefit of the doubt. Your pile of wood is probably my pile of wood... yeah right.. probably more like a stock photo. .. if you paid him, he has at least $300 in his pocket, right? What a joke. File that claim and spread the word.
  4. joeym

    joeym Jeannette & Joey @ Dunn's Falls

    Re: Patrick Walbaum/ Specialty Wood Products Elkhorn, WI - Multiple people scammed

    Thanks for posting this Amy. I've done business with him before, but never again. He stopped by here with a load of wood a few years back, and I bought a little from him. I don't care if he is selling wood for $1 a piece, I will not do business with a crook. So sad that he treated you that way. That is just plain old sorry.
  5. Amy

    Amy Mammal artist

    Re: Patrick Walbaum/ Specialty Wood Products Elkhorn, WI - Multiple people scammed

    Thanks Joey. If he stops by with wood to sell on-site it seems like it works out fine, but pre-orders with deposits involved are a whole different story.

    After ignoring my texts, Patrick called me yesterday (how ironic - could it be this post or the fact that many others are breathing down his neck as a result?). Could it be that Brad Eldred of Wildlife Gallery did not give permission for him to use their photos on his website or promote himself as "the driftwood supplier to the Wildlife Gallery" and just became privy to this information? I may seem like a little girl that can be pushed around.. oh yes, for many months that angle was worked. Weak little Amy, a big pushover .. ohhh no.. fool me once, shame on me. Fool me two dozen times? I will be vicious in my retaliation. He has been in business for over 20 years with many satisfied customers so says the webpage, but I'm finding it hard to find anyone to back the guy up. Even those who didn't have "bad" dealings with him and only purchased wood at shows or on-site have still stated they "wouldn't trust him with a pre order", "seemed like a shady guy", "a real rude man" "I'm not the only one they've heard of with this story"One doesn't have to dig far to make this assessment, so I was a real idiot for blindly trusting!! Most people I've met in this industry are good, and it builds a false sense of trust.
    Patrick tried to explain away how he has righted his wrongs with the two people mentioned in my original post. That is their business, I don't claim to know it all. But that is only a few of the many other stories I know about. But I'm not going to bring any other names into this unless people want to stand up for themselves and join in to stop this! Lawyer fees may be expensive but if we all pitch in, we can do something .. right is right!
    I can't believe a word I hear! Patrick told me yesterday that the delay was because his equipment was stolen. For about a half second I felt sorry for him. But then I talked to another individual that said they had bad dealings with him a couple years ago and the excuse was ... stolen equipment!! Either it's a big lie, or karma is a b$/?ch. It hurts to get robbed, doesn't it!

    Now, let me slow down here for a minute and say that Patrick has assured me that he will settle with me and get me my final $300 by the end of the week. If I had a dollar for every time I've heard that, well, I'd have most of my money back by now. But let's give Patrick the benefit of the doubt and see if he follows throug with his word THIS time. According to him, I must be a bit hard of hearing when I'm on the phone with him, because every time I hear him say "you'll have your money this week" it turns out he says he told me "you'll have your money SOMETIME". Because that is a professional adult thing to say, isn't it... "sometime"...Maybe I should start using that line with my customers... you'll have your mounts SOMETIME! But texts don't lie, so let it be on the record that on Monday, March 27 2017 at 1:51pm, it was stated that I will have my money by the end of this week. Can I get a witness???


  6. pir^2h

    pir^2h Retrievers give you the bird

    Re: Patrick Walbaum/ Specialty Wood Products Elkhorn, WI - Multiple people scammed

    Do you have this guy's address? Post it publicly so if he changes his name AGAIN we will know it is him and avoid this scammer. Scammers is the reason I only use paypal. Much easier to get refunds when they don't deliver!
  7. Amy

    Amy Mammal artist

    Re: Patrick Walbaum/ Specialty Wood Products Elkhorn, WI - Multiple people scammed

    The address and all info is posted at the top in my original posting.

    Live and learn. Credit cards and PayPal are the way to go. No-no to debit cards.

    If he follows through on his word by the end of the week as promised, I will clear his name here.
  8. pir^2h

    pir^2h Retrievers give you the bird

    Re: Patrick Walbaum/ Specialty Wood Products Elkhorn, WI - Multiple people scammed

    Not sure what "Clear his name" means but I hope it is just to report he finally did the right thing, you got your money back and not to have the thread pulled. It appears he has a pattern of ripping people off and hoping he wears them out so he can keep the money while conning the next victim. This thread needs to stay in the public eye here on the forum. I do hope you get all you money back but from what you have said, I wouldn't hold my breath. Some people have no conscience.
  9. Amy

    Amy Mammal artist

    Re: Patrick Walbaum/ Specialty Wood Products Elkhorn, WI - Multiple people scammed

    Yes, we will keep this thread here!! You're right, "clear his name" is a bit too generous. I mean that I will state the truth which is that I eventually got all my money back (if he follows through). That won't erase the fact that is many hours of loss of work time, months of wasted phone calls, texts, still losing funds (when he wires money it costs me a fee), and being degraded. Would I ever recommend him in a million years? No. But if he makes it right, I won't make it my mission to harass him any longer. He can give me my money, I'll leave him alone, we can leave this thread up, and people can make their decision for themselves.
  10. Amy

    Amy Mammal artist

    **** I would like to update this story and let everyone know that this morning on 4/3/17 I received a money order for the amount I was owed, from Patrick Walbaum. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Patrick finally did the right thing and returned my money. That is all I can say. Make your own decisions about who to deal with in the future but I am squared with Patrick after 9 months and we can move on. **
  11. Looks like the guy is trying to do the right thing, anybody can have unexpected problems in their business. Probably should be given the benefit of the doubt. I know they have a nice website.
  12. dakotabill

    dakotabill Member

    A true scammer this clown is, I really wish he would not be allowed to sell in the parking lot at the world show but that's my opinion. DO NOT give him any of your hard earned money, because he will take on a ride crazier than anything you can get at an amusement park. LIES, LIES , LIES will all that will be told if he happens to get a deposit from you. He even claimed to be going bankrupt when he had my deposit, so I asked him for the name of his lawyer because he had to file me as dept if he in fact was going bankrupt. After this claim I contacted his lawyer and he told me to read between the lines (imagine that another LIE). He claims to have settled with me , but yet another LIE. He gave me a bunch of flat wood which was a joke and a waste of wood. I lost a couple thousand dollars from this clown. He would actually have to sell your wood on his way to drop it off for gas money so your order would always end up shot by a lot, then another LIE about why he didn't have your wood. He would also never deliver it himself always having someone he could sucker in to a delivery so he wouldn't have to face you. It really sucks that we have someone at this caliber in our industry. So again I will say don't give him you money or time you will create nothing short of a headache for yourself and your family.
  13. Amy

    Amy Mammal artist

    Thank you for telling your story, Bill. I am really sorry about how things went for you. I guess all I can suggest is that, if you have the time to devote to it, keep at it. He seems to make things right when held to the fire.

    I felt it only right to let people know that *I* did eventually receive my money back. Many, many hours were lost in my efforts to, essentially, harass and threaten him into giving it back. I'm thankful I got the money back, and I told Patrick I will not spread any more ill words about him as I would really care to not waste one more second on this. I'm glad he stepped up for ME and made it right, but I don't really feel that an enthusiastic thank you or a pat on the back is necessary.

    Patrick says he will be at the world show. My suggestion? If after reading all this, anyone feels that they still want to patronize him, buy some wood there in the parking lot. Some of his wood is very nice; many of my pieces feature it and I've enjoyed it. But by all means do not pre-order, do not even purchase and arrange to pick up the wood before the show ends. Purchase and remove on-site with cash and you should be safe.
  14. dakotabill

    dakotabill Member

    It's really not worth the effort or headache, chalk it up as one of those life lessons learned the hard way, I've moved on and would choose to buy elsewhere from honest people. See you at World.