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Collection Clearout

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by LostEmbers, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. LostEmbers

    LostEmbers Member

    Family is unfortunately looking to downsize their collection because of a move, so I'm posting these here to see if there might possibly be any interest?

    Paypal would be preferred, however I can also accept cashier checks by mail. Payments made with the money order option will result in the item being held until the check clears.

    Please PM or e-mail picture inquiries to [email protected] instead of replying directly to this thread.

    Update: Long-term holds will no longer be accepted due to the high volume of individuals failing to send payments.

    - #1: Standard Red. Soft tanned in 2014, garment quality. $150 shipped, OBO
    Cased. The leather is rather weak to be used for life-sizing, rehydration was formerly attempted by a taxidermist and the fur began to shed out and further attempts may result in the leather disintegrating. One of the ears was torn during the tanning process and is being recommended to be left as is due to its noted condition. A small hole was recorded near the base of its tail.

    - #4 & 5: Silver and Silver Cross, garment quality pelts. $400 shipped for both together, OBO
    Both were soft tanned locally in 2016 and seem to be in a mainly complete condition with their faces and tails left intact however their bottom jaws and legs were removed. Unsuitable for life sizing projects but would otherwise be good for display or crafting purposes. Cased. The ears on the silver were also cut up while being tanned and at least one ear on the cross has been torn.

    Coyote #4: Western melanistic morph, male. $455 shipped, OBO
    Cased. It was formerly bought as a taxidermy grade hide (2016), though it unfortunately appears to not have been properly prepped for life-sizing and there is no pliable lip or eye skin available. As a result of its rougher condition, we consider this hide to be suitable for crafting or display purposes only despite its beautiful colour. Small bare area on the front leg. Measurements are approximately 40 to 41 inches long from nose to the base of tail with a total length between 48 to 50 inches

    - Coyote #194: Common western brush wolf mutation. Dry tanned by Sivko Fur Inc in 2017, cased. $250 shipped, OBO
    A moderately sized hole on its inner front legskin, located close to the armpit as well as a slightly smaller matching hole on the opposite (outer) side. Leather could also possess minor skinning holes on either of the front paws. This pelt was also formerly bought as a taxidermy grade skin but because of its aging tan, it can no longer be guaranteed to still be capable of holding up to rehydration. Measured approximately 3 to 4 inches from eye to nose and 42 to 44 inches from nose to base of tail.

    - Wolf, typical gray. Tanned locally in 2017, garment quality hide. Considered complete with all legs, tail and face intact but there is not enough leftover lip and eye skin for tucking so the pelt is recommended to be used as a wallhanger or for crafting purposes. Ears were not turned. Legs are split all the way into the feet, looks like it may be lacking its foot pads as well. $440 shipped, OBO. Will not be shipped to California or New York.

    - Bobcat, garment quality tan and case skinned (2016). Suitable for display or crafting only, everything is still there including tail, all four legskins, paws and bottom jaw. Ears not turned, lip and eye skin not split. Does not look like the leather will be able to produce enough for tucking. 34 to 35 inches from nose to base of tail. US CITES attached. $220 shipped
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  2. LostEmbers

    LostEmbers Member

    Traditional Mounts
    Pickup is recommended for rigid mounts but shipping within the United States can be arranged for certain items. Personal transportation to select areas of Marysville, Mechanicsburg, Urbana, and Bellefontaine, Ohio, could also be arranged upon request.

    - 'Vintage' lifesized black-backed jackal. $400, OBO

    - Lifesized white polar fox, mounted by a local taxidermist in 2014. $535, OBO.
    Originally a garment tan, it does have a few noted imperfections. The left fore leg was cut off during tanning which was covered with bird feathers by the taxidermist. Measurements provided for this piece are approximately 32 1/2 inches length wise by 18 1/2 inches wide and from the tip of an ear to the bottom of the base, the mount measured around 14 inches tall.

    - *Swift fox, mounted locally in 2014. $635, OBO
    From the bottom of the base to the tip of its ear, it is approximately 16 inches tall and the base itself is about 25 inches length wise by 10 inches wide and 2 inches tall. Measurements provided of the hide before being mounted was around 27 inches from nose to base of tail. The nose was sculpted by the taxidermist and artificial as the original could not be thoroughly rehydrated. The base is noted to have sustained damage and possesses a few small chips and scratches on its surface.

    - Ranched "White Mark Pearl" or "Glacier" mutation. $815, OBO
    Mounted locally in 2014. Coat is not heavily marked for a whitemark morph and the pelt does not feature a full collar.

    - Ranched "Champagne" or "Pink" red fox mutation. $735, OBO
    Mounted locally in 2016 with its form set with a pair of pale blue glass eyes. The fox alone measured approximately around 29 inches from nose to base of tail as a hide. The base is about 34 inches in length by 22 inches wide and 33 inches tall from the bottom to the top of branch.

    - "Blue" Polar fox. Mounted in a sitting position with a strong head turn and brown Arctic glass fox eyes. Free-standing piece, a base is not attached. $245

    - Pale '"Pearl White Mark" or "Glacier" ranched red fox phase, almost looks like a sapphire. $735, OBO
    This project was just completed by a local taxidermist last year, finished in January of 2019. For a whitemark type morph, this fox is not too strongly marked and it does not exhibit a full collar. Measurements provided of the base were approximately 28 inches length wise by 17 1/2 inches wide. From the bottom of the base to the tip of an ear, it measured about 28 1/2 inches tall.

    - 'Vintage' coyote cape pedestal, common western brush wolf. Mounted in 1986. $220, OBO
    The mount does have an area of sparser or missing fur on its right ear along with damage on the edge of that ear and there also appears to be bending at the tip. A custom handmade wooden base was since added on to the back of its form.

    - *Wolf pedestal, mounted by a local taxidermist in 2016 on a wooden base. $635, OBO
    A portion of the hide located on the back of both ears did sustain damages where a tenant plucked off the fur at their previous residence, the condition is noted to be worse on the left ear to the point of revealing part of the earliner underneath.
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  3. LostEmbers

    LostEmbers Member

    Soft Mounts
    Soft mounts are similar to lifesized mounts as the head is still mounted on a rigid form but the rest of its body is filled with poly-fil. This feature also makes them convenient to carry around to events, however, softmounts will still need to be handled with the same care as a traditional piece.

    - Red fox, ranched "Arctic" or "Silver Marble" morph. $800 shipped, OBO
    Mounted by 'Tricksters-Taxidermy' in around 2015 to 2016. There does appear to be an area on the lip-line where the hide may have slipped during rehydration. The fox has been completed with medium blue glass eyes that stand out against its coat.

    *"Red Marble" or "Sun Glo" red fox mutation. $670 shipped, OBO.

    - "Silver Platinum" red fox morph. $445 shipped

    - "White Mark Silver Cross" or otherwise known as a "Calico" red fox phase. Set with a pair of standard brown fox eyes. $825 shipped.

    - Ranched "Red Platinum" red fox morph. Mounted with gold tinted glass eyes. $400 plus shipping

    - Western coyote. Liver-brown phasing with black tipped guard hairs. $700 shipped, OBO

    - Western coyote, red-blonde. $600 shipped, OBO
    Mounted in 2015 to 2016 and the coyote is documented to have been missing the very tip from its right ear, otherwise it appears to not possess any other major flaws. The coyote was set with a pair of gold tinted glass eyes.

    - Melanistic western coyote with brown undertones, relatively newer mount. Mounted with a pair of dark gold tinted glass eyes. $850 plus shipping
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  4. LostEmbers

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