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mounting a bobcat with quail in mouth

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by jkjohn, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. jkjohn

    jkjohn New Member

    I have a request for mouting a bobcat with a quail in the mouth of the cat. I have mounted plenty of cats before, but what is the best way to make this happen.Do I buy an open mouth for and install jawset even though odds are you wont see the jawset? Or should I mount as a regual closed mouth and run a wire thru the wing of bird into the cats mouth making it appear the bird is in mouth? Thankss for any advise in doing this.
  2. vic h

    vic h Active Member

    I would use an open mouth form but wouldn't use a jaw set. your correct it wouldn't show. Use an extra quail body to fit into the mouth opening. Cut the lips off the form ,you should use clay to fill the lip line so you can conform the lips around the extra quail body leave a little 'wiggle' room, remember, a body with the skin and feathers will have to fit in the opening. Before the lips are dried carefully insert freshly mounted bird in the open mouth. Try to mold the lips around the bird in a way the pliable lips of a live cat would. Remember, the quail will affect the shape of the lips, also the feathers will affected by the lips. The quail should look like it being held lightly,not like its being crushed. Al lot goes on there. It looks cool when done correctly. I Make it sound harder than it is. Good Luck


  3. I believe I saw Danny Owens do this in a seminar. He mounted the quail on a sponge body so when he sqeezed to fit the mouth of the cat and when he let go of it the body expanded to fit the opening of the mouth.
  4. Alpine Taxidermy

    Alpine Taxidermy New Member

    The best method is to go ahead and mount the cat with an open mouth form minus the jaw set . Mount the bird with a soft foam body compress it to fit the cats mouth it wil conform to the mouth immediately and will require a little tweaking as both dry good luck.
  5. 100% correct